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modern office location

Recently completed, this fantastic new modern office features full length windows and amazing interiors with designer furniture and inspired architectural details.

Cool concrete and birch clad walls create a superb space, bathed in natural light and ideal for filming or events.

  OneLocations ref. 1350

Manchester, UK


Many locations in the northeast are closing due to the impending blizzard. Check...

Many locations in the northeast are closing due to the impending blizzard. Check your local location for their closing info. Please be safe everyone!!

Sunset at Land's End

Taken with my ancient, good old reliable Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 with a Leica lens.


No Trivia This Week

I am out of town on a business trip this week. Sadly, this means no trivia on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Next game at River City Drafthouse will be Tuesday, February 3rd. 28 more words

River City Drafthouse

The Dog

Originally posted by:Morgan Milani

Location: Located between the thumb and first finger (right hand) behind AK plaza in Pyeongtaek, down the street from Moti Mahal.It’s on the right hand side, second floor, and has a yellow roof with yellow beach umbrellas on top and pillows in the window. 147 more words


Maekju Zip

Originally Posted by:Erin Key Styer

Location: From Pyeongtaek AK Plaza: Go down the middle finger road and at the first intersection (no street light) it’s on the right hand corner on the 2nd floor. 18 more words


First Light

The first dawn of the rest of my life crept up quietly to dominate the sky as I slept away the flight to London Heathrow. Then a few hours calm, grey drizzle gave way to the blinding sunlight of Marseille, bathing the city as well as myself in sunlight and forcing me to revert my eyes from the run-down beauty. 84 more words