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Suicide and Self-Identity

This is a departure from my normal routine, but I wanted to write about this issue.  Perhaps I could claim it has something to do with Social Science writing. 1,689 more words

Can the Clinical Diagnosis of Disorders of Consciousness Avoid Behaviorism?

The “standard approach” in clinical neurology has been accused of suffering from an implicit “behaviorist epistemology” because disorders of consciousness are typically diagnosed on the basis of a lack of behavior. 908 more words


The wardrobe syndrome

The wardrobe syndrome
… or locked in syndrome in the artistic and written version.

Once upon a time, before the Internet on such
a scale as it is today, came to Poland, there were people who also wrote. 553 more words


'To see the world' or 'for the world to see you?'

…. a great quote I read on Twitter recently, don’t you agree?

Truthfully, I was so proud of what I personally did to recover, against all the medical odds in hospital and beyond, for a few months back in 2011/12 that for a while I unhealthily ‘believed my own Kate Allatt press’. 290 more words

What would you do if your Health Insurance said "No."

What would you do?

Imagine wakening from a deep sleep to find yourself fully conscious but unable to move any voluntary muscles save for the muscles that control your vertical eye movements.

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Is your loved-one's care home acting illegally? 10 tips.

I have recently been embroiled in a case which has concerned me so much that I write this blog in the hope it helps others. 499 more words


MindRDR demonstrates how thought alone could control Google Glass [Video]

It sounds like a pretty cool idea right there, but for those with medical conditions that don’t allow them to control Glass by voice or touch – such as those with locked-in syndrome – this could change their lives. 227 more words