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Bureaucracy and Bullshit - the Joys of the Quebec Healthcare System

So yesterday the new neurologist (little brunette thing, hate her face) told us the good news – the rehabilitation centre was reviewing Tony’s file and was willing to take him on for a 6 week evaluation period, after which if he’d made enough progress he’d stay on (or else be shipped of somewhere else).   518 more words

Forth Magazine publishes Philosopagus

The Unbearable Lightness of Locked-In-Syndrome. Read it here.

Don't mess with Mama bear.... cuz she'll burst into tears and become completely incoherent.

This evening all my emotions over this whole Tony situation came to a head.  Mama bear came out, and she got very, very upset…. and had no idea how to deal with ANYTHING. 754 more words

A World, Made Small, Still Turns...

On August 22nd, 2014, I got a call from my stepdaughter.  It seems someone had called her to tell her that my fiancé had fallen ill at work, and was being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. 970 more words


Dawn Faizey-Webster, a 42 year old woman who has locked-in syndrome has earned a degree in Ancient History. Dawn was diagnosed with this syndrome when she was 30 years old, immediately after her son was born. 490 more words


Reunited with my wonderful nurse Colleen!

Meeting this lovely lady was a momentous occasion for me.

You may remember the nurse I wanted to track down called Colleen? If you read my blogs you’ll know how badly I wanted to see her again. 411 more words

Peter C's Blog

Suicide and Self-Identity

This is a departure from my normal routine, but I wanted to write about this issue.  Perhaps I could claim it has something to do with Social Science writing. 1,689 more words