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Elderly Couple Nearly Dies After Locking Themselves in Mazda

As a locksmith in Philadelphia, we see a lot of cases where individuals lock themselves out of vehicles. In fact, that makes up a large part of what we at Phila-Locksmith do. 612 more words


New Zealand Couple 'Close to Death' After Lock-In

Advancements in technology were meant to not only make our lives more convenient, but also more secure. That is what car manufacturers had in mind when they began offering ‘keyless’ remote fobs in newer model vehicle, rather than your traditionally cut key blade. 511 more words


How To Survive a Night in a Walk-in-Freezer

6 Tips That Will Help You Survive When You Get Locked Inside A Walk-In Freezer

It’s one of those rare death scenarios you deny giving much thought to. 606 more words


#1: The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly (Part 1)

Title: Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly)

Author: Jean-Dominique Bauby

Published: 1997, France

Started: 16 November 2014

Progress:  Chapters 1-3

I wasn’t (and still am not) sure how exactly to structure this project, so rather than over-think it I decided to just jump straight in.  543 more words


Human thoughts used to switch on genes

Could a futuristic society of humans with the power to control their own biological functions ever become reality?

It’s not as out there as it sounds, now the technical foundations have been laid. 747 more words

Blog - Waterstones. A locked-in tourist. And a new opportunity to get more customers.

So meet David Willis, he is a tourist from Texas who is visiting London. During his visit he went into a Waterstones book shop to have a look around. 121 more words