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Fear of Flying: Don't Be Fooled By the Scary News—Air Travel Is as Safe as Ever

The news from the skies couldn’t get grimmer. In just the week since Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was brought down by a missile strike in Ukraine, killing 298 people, two more planes have gone down or gone missing: On July 23, a TransAsia flight crashed off Taiwan, killing 58 people, probably due to turbulence caused by typhoon Matmo; this morning an Air Algerie plane with 116 people aboard disappeared from radar and is thought to have crashed off of Mali, another possible victim of weather. 791 more words

The House of Lords Debate on the Assisted Dying Bill

About 125 members of the House of Lords spoke during a ten-hour debate on the Assisted Dying Bill on Friday 18 July.

Some who spoke for the Bill made interesting comments: 758 more words

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Tragedy of Flight MH17 Brings Back Memories of KAL007

I woke up this morning to news that another Malaysian Airlines flight failed to reach it’s destination.

Flight MH17 blew up into pieces in mid-air while flying over a conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine near the major city of Donetsk. 683 more words

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CIA Whistleblower Incarcerated for 12 Months Over 911

Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer describes how the Department of Homeland Security locked her up on a military base for 12 months and tried to detain her indefinitely without a hearing and drug her with Haldol and other psychotropic medication. 169 more words

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