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I always said that if I was going to cut my hair, I would be sure to donate it. My organization of choice was Locks of Love. 288 more words


3-year-old donates first haircut to Locks of Love

BRUNSWICK, Ohio – A child’s first haircut can be a memorable experience for parents, and that definitely was the case for Jennifer Pastorelle.

Her daughter, Hailey, cut off about 11 inches on Monday and plans to donate it to Locks of Love. 294 more words


phi·lan·thro·py : the desire to promote the welfare of others.

During the Fall 2014 semester I have made an outstanding effort to participate in as many philanthropic events as time permitted. Eager to learn more about non-profit based marketing and public relations, I volunteered with the American Cancer Society. 149 more words

Evolve Goes Gold, So Developers Released First Cinematic Trailer

Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios has announced that the anticipated monster-hunting game Evolve will now “go gold.”

In order to mark this milestone, Turtle Rock and 2K Games released the intro cinematic of the game, which is seen above. 166 more words

Game Updates

Repost from Prev. Blogger 09/12/11, 09/13/11, & 09/14/11 You need to put your Hair Back ON

In my original post this was spread over 3 days, but I wanted to share it all at once for a friend here.

This blog is kinda long so – I’ve spread it out over the next 3 days.   2,590 more words

Best Friends

Hair: Just Do it!

So, I’m going to get on my soap box for a second about you ladies out there who torture your stylists with the words,

“I want something completely different, but I don’t want to take any length off.”

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Let's Talk Hair (+ Donating)

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I’m lazy. I am also all thumbs when it comes to anything pretty. Seriously, I can barely get a bobby pin to stay in (who am I kidding – I can’t even do that.) That being said, my hair stylin’ routine is/was very simple – it’s for us lazy girls (or those of us who can’t figure our way out of a sloppy do, or any combination of the two!) 769 more words