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Beauty Vlogger Donates Her Hair To 'Locks Of Love' Before Cancer Treatment [VIDEO]

I’ve always admired beauty vlogger, Meechy Monroe. She started blogging in 2010 and has managed to turn what most call a hobby into a lucrative business that has her traveling the world to talk about her natural hair story. 347 more words

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Why Your Hair Matters

Yes, I got a haircut. I now have bangs and a lot less split ends. Shout out to my girl, Jeanne, at Glo!

You may be wondering why am I telling you this? 653 more words



Alright so.. I have a few things going on in life right now. 

1. I’m in Grad School getting my MBA.

2. My fulltime- 9to5 job is going through a weird transition.. 299 more words

Hair for Cancer

Several years ago, our eldest, who is now 11, heard about giving hair to cancer patients through her Sunday School at church.  On the Locks of Love… 454 more words


Making the Cut

Happy Friday!!

I am ready for the weekend.  But I’m also… not ready for the weekend.   You see, I’m about to do something that’s both terrifying and exciting: I’m about to chop off all my hair.   240 more words

Day In The Life

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Oh, hai.

I hope you are having a good Thor’s day. It rained some this afternoon, but no thunder, so I’m still out and about. 370 more words

A Gift of Love

What an amazing, beautiful little girl.  She can’t possibly fully understand what the children are going through, but she knows she doesn’t want them to go without  hair, and such a thing has such an easy fix.   19 more words