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(#217) What We Think We Become

Until she made the decision to start focusing on how her now created her later,
she lived a life of unfulfilled expectations.

Last week in Chicago, Liz Murray opened our conference with riveting revelations about her journey.  571 more words


Just Your Luck - An Internal Locus of Control for Personal Responsibility

Lady Luck Isn’t Against You and The Problem Isn’t Bad Luck – It Is A Problem of An External Locus Of Control

Stop and take a deep breath… The world isn’t against you and it isn’t your fate to have bad luck. 15 more words


Locus of Control

In my Masters Program, we learnt about the concept of Locus of Control. Briefly speaking Locus of Control explores the source of the triggers driving human behaviour. 237 more words

Presiden “Kristen” untuk NTT

Hiruk pikuk kampanye pilpres semakin nyaring berkumandang di seluruh penjuru bumi tercinta, tak terkecuali bumi Flobamora. Wacana hitam dan wacana putih bercampur aduk di segala bentuk media komunikasi rakyat NTT. 493 more words

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Area Of Control and Area Beyond Control

Suffering arises from trying to control what is uncontrollable, or from neglecting what is within our power. ~ Epictetus

When we feel we are not in control of our life, we feel stuck and don’t take action towards our goals. 279 more words

The Concept of Control- Learning to Trust

This is not an opus on micromanagement. Everyone knows that micromanaging is an unequivocally bad habit. This, rather, is on locus of control. More specifically, optimizing your internal locus of control while not being overrun by the external locus of control.