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A bit more Legion today as I slowly make my way through the backlog..

Almost there, which means new shiny coming soon :)



My Deathstalker  that is sporting her grey line of hair Adams Family style ;)

Another solo for my Legion in the shape of the one-man strider unit :)


Carnivean 2

So this is my second Carnivean to go with my 2 Ravagores…

That can only mean I need a second Scythean ;)


Comparaciones LOE/LOMCE

Ante el nuevo anteproyecto publicado el 25 de Septiembre de 2012, Ley Orgánica de Mejora de la Calidad Educativa existen varios aspectos que la diferencian de la Ley Orgánica 2/ 2006, de 3 de Mayo, y está vigente desde el curso académico 2006/2007, publicada en el Boletín Oficial del Estado el 4 de Mayo de 2006.  997 more words

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The Art of Estimation

One of the typical demands on a Dev Manager is to be able to estimate the effort for a project.



Ravagore 2

This is my second ravagore one of the older metal models.

I went for just after/before shooting his spit of death with the green stuff flames rising from his mouth. Hopefully it works…


@MoRuf88 - Shades.of.Moo

Got introduced to Moruf through my brother from another mother @rayjuaquin and I must say I’m definetly late but I’m really feeling this project. The music just takes you away. 25 more words