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Planning permission is needed for log houses.

In the UK all new dwelling houses need either planning permission or building consent so this would be your first task even before looking or building your… 184 more words

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A Log Home.

The log house can many bring up images of a rustic cabin style house that is usually shown in movies but theses images really do not do any justice to the modern… 177 more words

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Log Cabin Planning Permission ?.

The differences between building control and planning permission can be very confusing as a general rule if your are building a log cabin that is going to be a residential home where people are going to permanently live, then it is more likely that you are going to need planning permission for this… 128 more words

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Considerations you may need when looking for a log cabin.

A major consideration for a log cabin build is how you will heat and cool your new home. Wood burning stoves and furnaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. 201 more words

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A log house must have a concrete base.

Once you have planning permission for a log house and have started to look around at different log home that are available it is important to remember that a log house will need a concrete base.This base can be constructed by a professional builder or groundwork’s company that have built bases for… 125 more words

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Building A Log Cabin.

If you don’t feel confident enough to build a log cabin yourself dealers can usually offer you the services of a professional log cabin builder for an extra charge or even recommend a professional installer, especially when it comes to some of the larger cabins. 142 more words

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A luxury Log Cabin.

For the more luxurious log cabins, which are probably going to be used to house your in-laws when they come to visit during the holidays, you will need a minimum of 70 mm and up to 95 mm if you don’t want to have to install internal insulation because the thicker the log the more insulating properties it has. 63 more words

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