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Too much sailing to tell

I’ve been sailing so much recently that I’ve hardly had time to write. I’ve had so many adventures in the past few weeks that it’ll take me some time to catch up. 454 more words


일상의 기록 II

일상의 기록과 글쓰기 | Hyungrok 후속 보완글

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Travel Log Sweden, Day 5

In my previous post I hoped for a sleep in. Boy was I wrong. Woke up at 8AM, really wanting to do something, I decided to do something completely random, which was jog to the nearby lake, jump into the water, do some swimming, and jog back to the house. 241 more words


Travel Log Sweden, Day 4

It was a nice and sunny day again. On the planner today was visiting the town called Hudiksvall. Here in Sweden they have these wooden butter knives, so I definitely had to get a pack of those to bring home with me. 563 more words


형이상학 과제 20

<제2성찰>에서 res cogitans(mens)의 성립

1. <<성찰>>의 표면적 목표와 내면적 의도
2. 의심하는 ‘나’와 나를 성찰하는 ‘나’의 대화
3. res cogitans: 나의 현존과 나의 사유의 결합
4. res cogitans에 관한 Hobbes와 Descartes의 논쟁


Near the end.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

-Wrist Stretch
-Box jumps: 24″ warm-up, 30″ – 4 x 3
-Handstand holds against wall, with more focus on pushing fingers into ground for balance… 245 more words

You Have a Diary....Really?

So I’ve signed up again to a gym. I’m really determined to get back into tip top shape. After watching lots of workout videos on-line, I’ve notice something about the really serious weight-lifters and bodybuilders. 325 more words