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'The sound of a wild snail eating' by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

This is not in any way a book about swimming but it is sort of about mindfulness, and it is a beautiful book. The author was diagnosed with a severe illness that kept her almost immobile for more than a year. 180 more words


Math Time (Don't Run Away, It's Interesting!)

Nature is just AMAZING! It never ceases to surprise me.

I was reading some dubious material about an old guild of builders and architects, the ones you don’t find with Google, when a fancy expression caught my attention: the LOGARITHMIC SPIRAL. 129 more words

Wild Club

Chapter 35: Phi (ϕ)

Phi, the magic number was discovered by the Greeks, by Pythagoras or his followers, as best as we can tell. Originally, it was described as a ratio of line segments described by the following situation. 659 more words