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Solution to Puzzle #72: Who Lies?

This was a relatively simple puzzle and lots of people answered correctly. First one to answer correctly was Anisha, my elder one (aged 10), though she had the benefit of getting the question at the time I was posting it. 171 more words

Alok Goyal

Using Logic Puzzles in the Classroom and a FREEBIE

Hey there, it’s Meredith from Teaching with a Twist.  Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our collaborative blog adventure.

I’d like to share my LOVE of logic puzzles with you today.   343 more words


Puzzle #72: Who Lies?

This is a simple puzzle, hopefully the younger ones will like it too. I got inspired by this puzzle through Alok Mittal’s last Mathematical Circles class on “truth tellers and liars”. 125 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #71: May The Fastest Horses Win

Apologies for not posting the solution last week, I was traveling on vacation on the weekend.

This was a relatively difficult puzzle, but I was encouraged to see the number of people who responded, most of them with correct answers. 152 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #71: May the Fastest Horses Win

A beautiful puzzle, initially given to me by a close friend – Naresh Kumra, while trekking to the Everest Base Camp two years back. Came across this again last week in MindCipher. 147 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #70: Equal Heads

Was a difficult puzzle – I got three correct answers for this. Vivek Shah, Mihir and Aman Singla in that order sent the correct answers – very impressed! 56 more words

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Puzzle #70: Equal Heads (Outstanding Puzzle!)

This one is one of the best puzzles I have come across in recent times…contributed by Vardhan Rajkumar based out of London. I do not know the original source of the puzzle. 87 more words

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