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Using Logic Puzzles in the Classroom and a FREEBIE

Hey there, it’s Meredith from Teaching with a Twist.  Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our collaborative blog adventure.

I’d like to share my LOVE of logic puzzles with you today.   343 more words


Puzzle #72: Who Lies?

This is a simple puzzle, hopefully the younger ones will like it too. I got inspired by this puzzle through Alok Mittal’s last Mathematical Circles class on “truth tellers and liars”. 125 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #71: May The Fastest Horses Win

Apologies for not posting the solution last week, I was traveling on vacation on the weekend.

This was a relatively difficult puzzle, but I was encouraged to see the number of people who responded, most of them with correct answers. 152 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #71: May the Fastest Horses Win

A beautiful puzzle, initially given to me by a close friend – Naresh Kumra, while trekking to the Everest Base Camp two years back. Came across this again last week in MindCipher. 147 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #70: Equal Heads

Was a difficult puzzle – I got three correct answers for this. Vivek Shah, Mihir and Aman Singla in that order sent the correct answers – very impressed! 56 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #70: Equal Heads (Outstanding Puzzle!)

This one is one of the best puzzles I have come across in recent times…contributed by Vardhan Rajkumar based out of London. I do not know the original source of the puzzle. 87 more words

Alok Goyal

August Puzzles

* There are new Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” (trivia-type) Questions at the top of our PUZZLES PAGE.

* Here is the AUGUST 2014 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD… 33 more words

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