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Addict Lines - Episode 6

Hello peeps,
Check out the new episode of Addict Lines.
This week, I’m talking about honesty.

I hope you enjoy it.


Islamaphobia. Muslim Extremists. Jihad. The moment the majority of people hear these three words, automatically the following three adjectives that unfortunately pop into their minds are terror, war, and violence. 542 more words


Does the Torah have a notion of Original Sin ?

My last weblogs assumed that the Torah had a notion of Original Sin. In this, I followed the reasoning of the Epistle to the Hebrews… 803 more words

Dealing With Truth Anyway

Top 10 Hip Hop Projects of 2014

Sorry I’m late with this list. These are my top 10 hip hop projects of the year 2014. The criteria is solely based on my personal enjoyment of the projects. 422 more words


Indebted to money

World debt may be ubiquitous but things aren’t quite as they seem. The world is not in debt, not as a world – the Earth owes nothing financially to the planet Mars. 164 more words


Open your minds

I still am not an atheist but I guess the biggest problem atheists face, is that everything that happens to them can be blamed on no one but themselves. Atleast, they belong to themselves.

Simon Magus looks like a real heretic

Robert M. Price makes a distinction in the purposes of a Gospel – to relate a narrative – and an Epistle – to argue a case. 3,548 more words

Dealing With Truth Anyway