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#1 - Why is there logic?

This is a question is probably one you haven’t thought about. Why are laws of logic, like ‘If P is true, then P cannot be false’  417 more words


219 and Level 1

  • 219 is a composite number.
  • Factor pairs: 219 = 1 x 219 or 3 x 73
  • Prime factorization: 219 = 3 x 73
  • The exponents in the prime factorization are 1 and 1.
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How do You Get Good at Puzzles?

I’m terrible with puzzles. I’m not writing about how to get better at them because I am not good with them myself. There are so many kinds out there that require a lot of patience and thinking. 532 more words

Logic Feat. Childish Gambino x Driving Ms. Daisy (Producer x Logic)

Probably one of the lesser known but skilled lyricist, Logic, has recently dropped a single entitled ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’. Featuring the rapper and sitcom writer Childish Gambino, the track is chill mixture of word play and a tough beat. 41 more words


Prove It by Velleman, Section 1.1, Problem 3


Analyze the logical forms of the following statements:

Let P = “Alice is in the room”.

Let Q = “Bob is in the room”. 72 more words

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Overview: Complex Interactions from Simple Switches

A switch is the most basic form of control over circuits. All they do is completely make or completely break a circuit. However, combining multiple different types of switches in different configurations can build complex human interactions. 326 more words


Practical Deconstructions

Highly logical. I do something similar. If _a_, then _c_ because _b_. Assuming each link in the chain is correct, it cannot be refuted.

http://www.socialmatter.net/2014/08/26/practical-handbook-deconstruction/ 374 more words