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#74: The Gold Rush (1925)

Dir. Charlie Chaplin
Starring Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swaine, Georgia Hale
Watched on: DVD: The Chaplin Collection: Two-Disc Special Edition

While any Chaplin film is going to be a worthwhile venture, I admit it puzzles me that… 835 more words

Flooded with Ignorance - Mountain Top Fossils?!?!?

Last time we took on the claim that the trillioins of fossils that exist were created by a world-wide flood. Now we address Eric Hovind’s assertion that the world-wide flood explains high altitude marine fossils. 1,076 more words


"I Used To Believe X For Reason Y..." And the Failure of Intellectual Imagination

We seem to live in an age that lacks intellectual imagination; at least when it comes to the thought processes of others. One of the most glaring (and personally annoying) examples of this is on display in many modern “intellectual conversion” narratives. 996 more words

Cultural Commentary

The medicinal value of rational thinking

I always assumed that feelings had intrinsic value, so I often took them seriously without much evaluation.  Over the years this led to bouts of significant irrational anxiety and less than accurate beliefs about the world around me. 354 more words

The Difference Between PR and Proofreading

Whenever I proofread something, there’s always someone there to let me know if I’ve made an error. There’s a logical way of knowing if you’re doing well or if you need to improve. 482 more words

Common Philosophical Mistakes I - Abusing the Laws of Dialectic Logic

One would think that nearly all philosophers would understand Aristotle’s laws of logic well enough, especially since these laws are supposed to be merely a formalisation and idealisation of the way in which we usually think. 2,453 more words