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Islamic Culture: West not Capable of Understanding

Why is a philosophical question? We ask why when we do not comprehend the rational for someone’s decision. We respond, “Why,” when we look at serial killers, meth abusers, and mentally ill schizophrenics talking to themselves on the streets on every major city in the United States. 597 more words

This is 2014. And you would expect that people have come to a mastery of the nuisances of arguments but you only need to tune-in to news at 10 on Channels Television to know how far people have fallen in reasoning. 444 more words



Blocketris – Play classic tetris game with construction blocks. Have fun!

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"Bright" lights. Dim minds.

Recently Dawkins tweeted some things about rape and comparison that had a lot of people in a huff. Basically, people get hurt feelings and in our society of tolerance that is the one thing that won’t be tolerated. 538 more words

Culture Gauging

Just breathe.

Simple advice, and I’ve absolutely no doubt that it works, however, simple doesn’t always mean easy but why do we hold on to the things that hurt us when letting go would make much more sense; who knows? 21 more words


Creative Tip #6

Stop Making Sense

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”
― Salvador Dalí

We are all programmed to do the sensible things in our lives but we also know that creativity doesn’t come from boundaries.

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