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Logical Fallacy: Tu Quoque

The logical fallacy Tu Quoque is defined as the appeal to hypocrisy, meaning you answer criticism with criticism as stated here. “The Threws” video posted by the infamous Russell Brand commits Tu Quoque in multiple instances regarding the Ferguson Shooting. 279 more words


Theories vs Hunches

So recently I overheard a C-level executive at a pretty sizable company say the following:

“It’s all theory , I don’t have a single fact to back it up.” 454 more words

Logical Fallacy

In Which The Title Is Explained To The Reader

Seeing as how it’s the first day of classes, as well as my first post, I thought I’d start with a bit of introduction as to what my plans are for this blog.  700 more words


Biblical –Specs

In my welcome post I said that you needed just one thing to be a responsible reader, Biblical-Specs. What are Biblical-Specs?

Well quite simply, it is seeing things through G-d’s eyes. 3,929 more words

How to avoid building straw men (a post for atheists and believers)

Straw men — This is something I see far too often in blogs about religion or non-religion. And it happens way, way too often in the user comments on this blog.  888 more words