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” Your Mother was a whore”, Interrogator made a statement, ” Well yes, and my Father was her only client, for her entire life”, Chandra Bose answered those statement, calmly. 704 more words


SFR 315: Inside Heaven's Gate

–The deadly assault on the Charlie Hebdo offices in France lead to discussions of religious extremism, freedom of speech, and guns.
–Bobby recounts a recent debate online with a global warming denier. 199 more words


Jihad Comes to Paris

The news media are all filled with outrage and fear following the killing of 12 members of the Charlie Hedbo staff and the wounding of seven more. 2,715 more words

Adele Hite, Nina Teicholz, and Logical Fallacies


Some weeks ago I got a call from a reporter.1 This reporter had just attended an event called “Politics of the Plate: The Evolution of American Food Policy” presented by Real Clear Politics that included Nina Teicholz and Adele Hite. 3,953 more words


Links for a lazy Sunday - New Years 2015 Edition

It’s the first week of January, so it’s a given that the majority of the online health buzz has been about nutrition, exercise, resolutions, etc. That doesn’t mean the content has been dull however, so without any further ado… 354 more words


What is Rose Reasoning?

Copied from: http://firstworldfeminism.tumblr.com/post/105590767098/rose-reasoning
As you can see from this beautiful picture;

A rose is a wave where the curve loops away from the origin of the graph, before passing back through and continuing with the same process until the shape is eventually closed off by meeting up with the starting point, where it would be tracing over the existing shape if continued.

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