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I Am Not a Muslim!

That might seem like I’m stating the obvious, but a commenter forwarded a you-tube video featuring a self-described angry atheist who grouped all religions together. I’m posting on my husband’s tablet, so I can’t post the video (others probably could) so I’ll do that later or you can find it in the comments for “A Message to Atheists”. 228 more words


Slippery Slopes

Since writing this post about how Christians are accused of resorting to the slippery slope fallacy when arguing against homosexuality, I’ve wanted to post some examples about what actual slippery slopes look like. 295 more words

Critical Thinking/Discernment

pigpen's dirty cloud: why tolerance and respect are dangerous words

I teach college-level English. Part of my mandate as an instructor of a general education college-course is that students will graduate with an ability to “critically think.” 2,632 more words

Social Criticism


Always true, after the fact. Vagueness
retroengineered around specifics,
amorphous stem mimetology,
shoggoth-like, complying materials
subjected from the past into present
tools, as if they’d been there all along, 91 more words


On #YesAllWomen

Disclaimer: I would suggest that you read the entire article and I stole the photo from here.