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Sheriff Takes Taxi to Investigate

The Sheriff’s Department suffered another embarrassment yesterday when the new sheriff took a taxi to investigate a lead in the beast case.

“We do have our own vehicles,” said the Press Officer, “but his broke down.” 71 more words


Transport - What is a Shipment Class?

Each solution that goes by an company features a freight category designated. A ruling body that is single recognize because the National Traffic Affiliation (NMFTA) establishes the freight type of an item. 401 more words


Cold weather boosting temperature-controlled China-Europe rail service

DHL Global Forwarding reports rising demand for its China-Europe temperature-controlled rail services as temperatures in central Asia dip.

via Cold weather boosting temperature-controlled China-Europe rail service – Lloyd’s Loading List.


Ships of 24,000teu could be set for Asia-Europe trades

Ships up to 24,000teu capacity could soon be plying the Asia-Europe container trades, putting further pressure on rates, according to the latest analyst reports.

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Cellular Phones in India

Will my cell phone work in India? The answer depends on where you are coming from. The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) frequency band for India is the same as Europe and most parts of the world at GSM 900 and GSM 1800. 197 more words


Transport and Logistics - 7 Great Things About a 3PL Vs Freight Companies that are Conventional

The day and age of Shipment Shipping has viewed a radical changeover the final 15 years. There clearly was once an occasion where a Conventional Cargo Service would rule the Heavyweight transport industry with it’s large navy of vehicles, brandname identification, and itis so called capability to service their buyers complete transport needs.Much just like the deregulation of the Telecom Sector in 1996, when smaller firms were eventually allowed to take part in the growing market of telecommunications, the freight market experienced a resurgence, where smaller Regional providers began to recognize that there clearly was an industry for them. 764 more words


Case Solution for Rethinking Distribution Logistics at VASA, Pilkington

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Rethinking Distribution Logistics at VASA, Pilkington

Authors :           Julio Sanchez-Loppacher, Marcelo Pancotto, Maximiliano Fernandez Vera… 201 more words