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Daily Sketches (Week 9 Roundup)

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back! After going on a small vacation to Wildwood, we found it a bit difficult to fit in those daily sketches. As a result, we couldn’t upload last week’s roundup. 391 more words


Logo Design: Classy Gamers

The head of a Chua head from the game “Wildstar” designed from scratch and fit to a satirical “classy” theme.

Graphic Design

Second design I created in Adobe Illustrator. 

I’m learning. 

New Work: Job Journaling

I met Marielle a few months back, and when she told me about her idea for Job Journaling I knew it was genius! She explained to me that when she interviewed people (she works in human resources) she finds that they don’t often remember the best example for that all too familiar question: tell us how you best handled ‘x’ situation?   262 more words


AirBnb Real "Blunder"

Forbes did an interesting piece on the hullabaloo arising after the release of AirBnB’s new logo: What Marketers Can Learn From AirBnB’s Rebrand. I don’t know what process AirBnB went through in doing their rebrand — whether they hired an expensive rebranding firm or did it as a scrappy internal project which would be more fitting their company’s organic culture. 281 more words

Content brand of the week: Airbnb, the travel startup making consumers feel right at home

Airbnb? You mean that brand that got loads of stick for its new logo looking like genitalia?

Yes that’s them. X & Y chromosomes aside, there is much more to the brand than just the logo. 962 more words