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Message received

It was a cold and cloudy morning. I sat on my porch, all bundled up in my fluffy robe and my TARDIS blanket. With a cup of coffee steaming in my hand,  I watched the explosion of birds at the feeder. 222 more words

Lookit this

Just watch it.   I dare you not to think of how much like Loki he’s acting.  I may die if I laugh any harder today.


Adding One, Two, and Three

January snowballed to the end. It made me tired and not enthusiastic about much. Anything I touched I had to do twice in this month. It blew my strength and will to write. 469 more words


I am a writer!

You can find my Deviant Art account here:


And my Archive account (which has fuller, saucier versions of some of my writing on it) here: 17 more words


Milady's Book Club welcomes Antonia Van Zandt to Castle Combe

Felicitations are indeed in order. The third guest in a row I have entertained before Shehanne. And in each instance not just any old guest either. 1,107 more words

Milady's Book Club

Help Wanted, Part V: The Fourth Interview

Except for that pestiferous equine, I’ve been quite pleased with the response to my help wanted ad. There are two more candidates coming today. In fact, the first is due any minute now. 219 more words

Naughty Loki

Loki's running contacts

I mentioned that I was joining Silvia’s RC class right? Well, I did and it’s going well. I think the best part is being able to hand all the responsibility over to her, knowing that she has so much experience, and say “fix it!!!” and trusting her advice and judgements. 447 more words

Running Contacts