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ain't He good?

Today I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Ain’t God Good?”

I’m sure it was a rhetorical question, but my mind went to “Ain’t Loki Good?” 63 more words


A Gift from Haides and A Gift from Loki

I received a gift from Haides, a metal jewelry box with memorable writing engraved within it. It is beyond amazing!

I just received a gift from Loki, an engagement and wedding band by mail, in gift form, the only thing that came with these rings is: 33 more words


Mistletoe: Magick and History


Mistletoe is not native to North America but is a species native to Great Britain and parts of Europe.  Once considered a pest, mistletoe is a parasitic plant meaning it attaches itself to a host plant or a tree.   261 more words

Is It All In Your Head?

In pagan parlance, I have an “open head.” To non-pagans, this is best described as being prone to mystical experiences; I communicate frequently with the Divine. 665 more words



I just don’t want to know…
I am telling Loki beloved, the name he is telling me, is like speaking a foreign language…
I’m…just going to go back to the Underworld for a little while. 16 more words


Being Showered With Gifts

I am currently being showered with gifts (mainly from Loki beloved, but also from Haides), oh my! I am in complete surprise by all of this, where my eyebrows are raised, eyes are wider than before. 90 more words


Death - the card and the Gods

Here I’m going to talk about a few things.

There are a couple things that inspired this. Mostly when I was introducing Shadow to a bit of the lore on Loki when he became interested in her. 506 more words