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Loki back home, but not too happy

Vet/Radiologist report:
Radiographs of the forelimbs: wrist, elbows and shoulders

The front wrist on the right side showed a bony change (different to the left) coming off the distal radius. 148 more words

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Avengers & X-men: Axis #6: Review

Avengers & X-men: Axis #6 

Written by: Rick Remender

Pencils by: Terry Dodson

Inks by: Rachel Dodson

Colours by: Edgar Delgado & Jesus Aburtov

Published by: Marvel… 548 more words


Call from the Vet

Dr S said that the lump is a piece of bone, but not from Loki’s wrist. No idea where it has come from. It isn’t spongy, nor does it have the ‘moth eaten’ look of bone cancer. 39 more words

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Brought Loki to the vet around 9am, for a hard lump on his right ‘wrist’, and limping. On advise of the vet, he is there for x-rays and tests. 74 more words

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5 Unanswered Plot Questions and Mysteries for Marvel Movies

Greetings fellow Marvelites and thanks for reading. I’m here again to discuss Marvel Studios and what they have us anticipating for their next movies. We know about the major headlines and plots of the upcoming films; but what about the in depth and possibly over looked things in past films? 790 more words


[Loki:] A cruel beauty

[A/N: Me and Loki were just talking (like old friends) about character building while I was working at work in front of the computer. The way we talk is purely for aesethic reasons, so this is a poetical/lyrical dialogue. 195 more words


Loki reminds me of Frik from the movie, "Merlin"

There was an Arthurian movie that I really like (though I have mixed thoughts about it), and saw it about 3 times already. The movie was called, Merlin. 454 more words