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Loki the Lunatic

Just as I feared.  Not only does Loki live up to his name by being ornery as ever – he also seems to have lost his mind. 569 more words


Thoughts on Shadow Work

“…most people have difficulty holding a gray area, or holding paradox.

I can hold the paradox that you did this thing that really pisses me off…but, that doesn’t mean you are “bad” just because of that.

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Tom Hiddleston wrote the sweetest email to Joss Whedon after AVENGERS casting

The Internet loves Tom Hiddleston. The Internet loves Joss Whedon. The Internet loves both of them a little more after Business Insider released an email to (and reply from) Joss Whedon after Hiddleston was cast in… 271 more words

Only Awesome Celeb Stuff

You Wouldn't Call This Email 'Low-Key'

Some websites yesterday posted emails allegedly from British actor Tom Hiddleston (Loki in “The Avengers” and both “Thor” movies) to Joss Whedon, writer/director of “The Avengers.” I don’t know if this email is for real, but I absolutely love it. 161 more words


Read The Gushing E-Mail Tom Hiddleston Wrote To Joss Whedon About The ‘Majestic’ Script For ‘The Avengers’

Full credit to Tom Hiddleston: The man knows when he’s got a good thing going. Recently the emails between himself and Joss Whedon about The Avengers… 135 more words


Một Đêm Cùng nhà Vua - Chương 2

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Chương 2

Góc đông nam của hoàng thành Asgard là một vết nhơ khá lớn trong những biển tòa nhà óng ánh vàng kim. 3,685 more words