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Kneel to this incredible fan-made Loki movie

You know how awesome Loki is? Yeah, he’s the coolest. He’s pretty much the best part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and despite appearances in two¬† 257 more words


Lil Loki

He put on lots of weight really quickly and was a very heavy baby! But he was healthy and that’s what counted! He was also a little poser in his sleep!! Xxx


We chose a name!!

So on the 22nd of April we finally decided on a name we both liked. I wanted something unusual and Danyle wanted something cool. In the end we named him after the God of mischief as he was born on April fools day- Loki


First few weeks

The first few weeks were amazing! He met loads of family and friends who all adored him and loved him <3 and those windy smiles were winners :) he brightened up everyone's life for the better and I didn't know how I could love anything as much as I loved him xxx


The Lone Man Legacy

Before I begin the Lone Man Chronicles anew, I think I should share our¬†origin story. Much like how Bruce Wayne became Batman, my story is one of tragedy… 169 more words

Have 2 Hours to Kill? The Internet Has Given Us Loki: The Movie!

Some great Internet genius has spliced together all of the Loki scenes and deleted scenes from the Marvel Movieverse and created his own movie, Loki: Brother of Thor… 61 more words