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My 15 Favorite Themed Versions of 2048

If you haven’t heard about the game 2048 yet I don’t know where you’ve been but welcome to your new obsession. The basis of the original game is to move tiles around this board to get to the 2048 tile. 180 more words


Beyond simple anger..

So a few weeks ago I had to move my grandmother into a more permanent retirement home with much more nursing care. The more nursing care excited me because yes ,she does need it,however due to her condition dementia and early stages of Alzheimer’s she did have to live in an area that was under constant lockdown with residents who were.. 639 more words


A-Z Blog Challenge Day 16

“Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

******Spoilers Ahead!!!!! If you haven’t seen Thor 2: The Dark World, might want to stop reading.**** 366 more words

Anti Hero

just some dogs at the park

We met Penny at the local off-lead park yesterday afternoon to give the dogs a run. I left Mallei at home because lots of dogs + us not moving away from them is worrying for him and there’s always plenty of big dogs at the park that he would find scary. 448 more words

Australian Shepherd

Currently Reading: Valkyrie Rising

I recently started reading Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson.  The story is a mix of the modern world and historical legends.  Mainly taking place in Norway, this story spins the tale of three normal day teens who get mixed up in a world of Norse legends, romance, and incredible warriors.  137 more words


Honey siriacha chicken wings

1-2lbs chicken wings, split and tips removed.

1/4 cup honey
About enough siriacha for you to stand
A few tbsp of oil
A few tbsp of soy sauce… 67 more words


Border Collie Times IV

Yesterday was a big socialisation outing for my little man. He is just such a cool dude. The one thing that amazes me most is his focus. 636 more words