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Pandas are benefits cheats who fake pregnancy for better lifestyle, says expert

They may be cute and endangered… but they’re also big fat liars, and it’s all there in black and white.

Last week, experts at the snappily titled Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre waited with nervous anticipation as six-year-old Ai Hin prepared to give birth. 212 more words


Wordless Wednesday

“Hump Day. I hate…”
“Shhh! Didn’t you read the title?”


Perhaps it's time to stop throwing out first pitches at baseball games

Is this the worst first pitch in history? No, probably not. However, it is the worst first pitch since the last worst first pitch, and it’s time to take a stand. 47 more words


10 essential steps for getting over him

Break ups are never easy, even if you were the one doing the breaking up it’s hard to let go of that ‘I don’t want him but I don’t want anyone else to have him’ mindset that our scatty female brains switch into and with the whole world and it’s mum on social networking sites it feels like you and your shitty love life are firmly in the spotlight when it all goes tits up. 1,110 more words