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A real life Spiderman is in Dublin, where he's taking on the city's villains

If you thought superheroes only lived on the pages of comic books then you’ve obviously never walked down¬†South Anne Street in Dublin.

Or been to the cinema, for that matter. 107 more words


Couple Finds Three-Legged Bear in Backyard

A woman in Pennsylvania says when she and her husband first spotted a three-legged bear in their backyard, she felt sorry for it — but quickly realized he had no problem getting around.


Laugh Out Loud! Oxford Boys Sing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"


These boys clearly don’t have that famous British ‘stiff upper lip’ because this is just funny and entertaining!

Complete with body bedazzling and choreographed dances across their campus and black screen, it’s nothing short of chuckles and smiles. ¬† 36 more words


You Flea Brain

No fleas, please
they spread disease
I’m itchy-scratchy
to my knees
just watching you
I can’t remain
for fear your bugs
will eat my brain.

by Floridaborne