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Labor Day Weekend

“You know, school starts in a few days.”


Clean Beauty Talk: The Makeover

Heya babez. Get excited because Clean Beauty Talk  – THE MUSICAL is on it’s way! And it’s about a pair of lovestruck lovers, in Venice, circa 1948. 145 more words


I KNOW I've Been Muted on Twitter

Victoria Druggs has muted me on Twitter. I know it probably seems a bit random me starting a thread just to report this, but I am a well respected keynote speaker who researches all his tweets very carefully and is followed on LinkedIn by the manager of Poundland. 306 more words


We don’t know whether to eat this muffin that looks like a hamster or pet it

A picture of a strange looking snack that resembles a hamster has been posted on Reddit, and most people still don’t know what to make of it. 86 more words


IT Quote for Week 2 =))

“HARDWARE: The parts of a computer that can be kicked.”



A List of Pointless Websites

Most of us spent an unfathomable amount of time on the internet and we try to spend it productively. However, we should reserve a portion of our time to laugh our butts off at some seriously silly websites. 505 more words