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happy turkey day!

From my heart to yours, a Thanksgiving tradition ’round these parts…


The Insurance Salescat

Monkey (The Salescat): “Sir! You have a beautiful tail! You should insure that tail!
Puck (The Mark): “Go away.”
Monkey: “What happens if it’s stepped on, caught in a door, or heaven forbid, granny uses the…ROCKING CHAIR!?” 38 more words


Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow Engage Late-Night Curse Battle

Sometimes even close friends exchange some harsh words. Jennifer Aniston and former costar and longtime friend Lisa Kudrow stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to play the always hilarious “Celebrity Curse Off.” 70 more words


Fooling the Family This Thanksgiving

If you’re diabetic, the average Joe knows a lot less about having it than you do.  This means that around the holiday season, you’re extended family is usually asking a myriad of questions while you’re trying to go in on some juicy turkey and mashed potatoes. 389 more words