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Taking Crazy Pills

Well, finally did it. Promo series complete and up to….Silver III. Goddamnit. Most of my promo games were Silver I/Gold V if I remember correctly. I was hoping to jump to SII or SI, but it’s not happening. 509 more words

League Of Legends

older guy killin the game

Talk about going against the odds- this is a video of an older man who spars against a young boxer who’s clearly confident that it’s no competition.   64 more words


People who need to get off my DICK

This is just a quick list of people who really need to get off my fucking DICK (Jenna Marbles 2013)

1) Niko, my housemate. no explanation needed. 264 more words


Resting Bitch Face

Why do so many people, not just the temperamental crankface of a bird I used to live with, have it?

I guess it’s always been a thing – just spied on this mad bird via FaceBook who used to be in my form in school and was just the most two-faced twelve year old in Greater Manchester. 305 more words

Explaining Humans

“Daddy, do humans do things like that often?”
“What, you mean step on the rake, get hit in the face, scream, stagger backwards, trip over the wheelbarrow and do a three-point landing into the compost pile? 9 more words


Thank you, Walmart

So what had to be the best thing ever at Walmart:

That, my friend, was a picture of Ariel who someone put goggly eyes on, I. 16 more words