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Ne Pleure Pas: Chapter 2 - Let Them Loose - Part 1

Another piece… what, two short stories in one day? What must I be drinking? I guess I was either very bored or had too much time on my hands. 880 more words


Hell, Loli-Basketball and more...

Hey guys, I know it’s been a long time and I apologise for the long delay of posting anything. Sadly, my laptop broke about 4 weeks ago and I tried to get it fixed for the longest time, but every place I took it too kept either charging a ridiculous amount of money or just didn’t want to deal with it >_>. 780 more words


Wallpapers: To Love-Ru Loli - hiddenskins

It’s true! It’s real! If you’re the 2D lolicon, they are yours! Have fun! :twisted:


Subjectively-Objective Reviews #18 Mahou Sensou

“Takeshi-kun!” – The entire anime.

It’s not rare to watch a show for the studio or people behind it, I mean, up to a few years ago anything made by MADHOUSE was bound to be edgy and glittering in… 658 more words


In Heat.

So who else has been in their heat lately? I’ve been having to paw, finger, and pound myself good 4 times a day lately. Feeling really warm a lot in the panties and extremely lustful for the sopping slippery juicy wet vagina of a lioness furry so hard. 28 more words

Date a Live - Yoshino nendoroid - előrendelve!

Név: Yoshino (+ Yoshinon)
Anime: Date a Live
Megjelenés: 2014/05
Kiadó: GoodSmie Company
Ár: 3889¥

Már amikor megírtam a véleményemet a Date a Live-ról, ott is említettem, hogy előrendeltem Yoshinot; de jobbnak látom ha kap egy külön posztot is.:3… 73 more words


Satu bulan yang lalu aku tiba-tiba saja merasa over dosis membaca manga bertema Psikologi Horor (karena pada dasarnya aku ini penakut >_< ) Lalu aku mencoba browsing manga romance yang menarik hingga akhirnya menemukan manga konyol berjudul "Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de" 291 more words