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A really cute Hina-chan's wallpaper

Hina-chan is a cute little girl, and the youngest of the Takanashi siblings in PapaKiki. She is innocent and have this bunny doll. I like one part of the OVA/special episode where she goes on adventure on her own in the rain to an amusement park so she can go into a ferris wheel. 69 more words


[SeventhStyle] UK Prosecutes Otaku For Having Loli Manga

The first case of its kind tried in the United Kingdom, the fascist regime has prosecuted an individual for having manga depicting fictional female characters engaging in fictional sexual activities. 463 more words


So I guess hentai is CP now?

At least in Britain it is, ever since 2010 strangely enough.

A man named Robul Hoque, 39 was originally convicted in 2006 for having 3D rendered images of underage girls, these renders were not based on real images or people it turned out, and he was charged on 6 counts of making psuedo-child pornography, which of course he denied. 274 more words


Release #142 Hanahira ch. 05 & 06, Sayonara Fairies re-edit


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Tsuruta Bungaku / Sumiya
  • Original name: [鶴田文学] 花ひら蕩ろり 第5-6章 / [スミヤ] SAYONARA FAIRIES 第1-2話

Here are two works I’ve translated a long time ago but were then stuck in QC hell for what seems like an eternity. 116 more words


Sad cuteness

cuteness (with a bit of sadness) because i can.


Loli Squad 2.0


Gif Stories with Keita

One day loli mentions///

Me, as a lolicon, obviously rushes to scene///

Other lolicon’s rush too, and some are very dangerous competition///

Engage Enemies for sake of loli kissu… 51 more words

Loli Dice of the day

I was going around looking for cute anime girls pictures to recover my energy after work :P And then, I have an idea of posting random pictures I found randomly in Google Images that is related to them. 37 more words