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[Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest - Bouryaku no Zvezda

Zvezda’s next step in taking over the world starts with the conquest of Asuta’s cock.



[Karma Tatsurou] Night After Night

My first tankouban and quite a fun one too. This consists of mostly independent stories of uncomplicated sex. There is one short story arc in here which also happens to consist of uncomplicated sex. 13 more words

First Impression: Majimoji Rurumo

So lets see a perv high schooler, a witch with a cat that can transform into a girl and many crazy events. Thats what I got from Majimoji Rurumo. 223 more words


アストラエアの白き永遠 Review

Snow does not pile up for 3 years… since a snow fairy has graced upon the lands… and better than a self-proclaimed fairy of love deathgod despite being loli… WOOO Let’s get this ON this game also marks the 10th year anniversary same with ALCOT and that FAMILY IS THE THEME OF THE GAME just like Clover Day’s ALMOST EVERYONE HAS A SIBLING IN THIS GAME except Korona and Kotori… 1,294 more words


Fashion Icon: Sebastiano Serafini - Anime got real.

Sebastiano Serafini (Seba) is versatile; he’s an actor, stylist, fashion model, cosplayer, fundraiser, musician, DJ and designer. He has much appeared in various media roles, such as Luca from the series… 224 more words