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The Block and why renovation shows are overkilled

So surprise surprise the Block 2014 auction didn’t roll in the big dollars like thousands of viewers expected it to do. It was a major downer for the blockheads who thought they’d rake in the big dollars that we saw come on auction day in 2013 when the lowest prize money taken away was $10,000 by two of the 4 couples. 316 more words


Language differences in english speaking countries


So i’ve recently made some awesome American friends who have come boldly to set up an inter-denominational Christian church in Sydney’s city and it seems that we still have trouble interpreting each other. 591 more words


Appalling manners

Why the long face? That was my thought going through my head as the guy gazed gravelly at our trivia friends. He looked like he’d much rather stick his eyes out with pins. 386 more words

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I ain't no vending machine

My brother is hilarious- particularly as he thinks i’m a rare species of human- one that grows money on trees. He’s always like “hey can you buy me so and so box set television show” or,  “i need a new ipad/mobile- buy it for me.” It ticks me off that he doesn’t yet acknowledge the value of working and the hard yakka you need to put in to get nice stuff. 273 more words

Friends And Family

People watching

To some varying degree we are all people watchers…even if we don’t always like to admit it! We venture to unknown areas where the people are more eye catching than the scenery and location. 225 more words


The fake world of Greeting cards

What does my head in especially is all those tumblr inspirational quotes like “live like its your last day on earth” and “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.” How are they significant today? 160 more words


Blake Garvey is a little bit nasty

Blake Garvey is as fake as whole concept behind the The Bachelor Australia is. After a frosty ending with Sam Frost (get the bad pun?), it seems we’re all in the dark about the sad farewell. 188 more words