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Let's Talk About People!

By now, I know what you’re thinking. “Is this just a travel blog that he started in hopes of funding his time studying abroad? Well, yes and no. 682 more words


Lolita Carnival Blog: Your First Lolita Item

This week’s topic is…

Your First Lolita Item

So I will talk about my first TWO Lolita items (because I’m a rebel): the 1st thing I made, and my 1st brand item. 244 more words


Livro: Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)

Mais uma vez, meus cumprimentos a você que aí está.

Seguindo o Desafio Literário, resolvi que iria começar relendo “Lolita”, que eu já havia lido umas duas ou três vezes. 597 more words

Eu Li

LBC: Your First Lolita Item

I talked about my first lolita item in a previous Lolita Blog Carnival post, back in September 2013.

My first lolita item, ever, was a Bodyline JSK that my mother purchased for me as a belated birthday present when we were at an anime convention. 452 more words

Challenge(s) Of the Month: Lolita & Giving Blood

I’m a self-confessed book snob. I like reading classics, you see, and this was what led to me deciding to read Nabokov’s Lolita years ago. I stopped reading halfway through it because it reaaaally creeped me out, so OFCOURSE it made sense to make finishing it this month’s challenge. 181 more words

Challenge Of The Month


She was so young, father

Yet you peeled her up as an apple

Nite and nite, you bite her flesh by flesh

She couldn’t sleep, neither me… 79 more words

Belated Supernova Expo Post

The one thing I made myself do was get out there and talk to the other stall holders. Usually I stay behind my stall, don’t talk and I wonder why Chubby Turtle doesn’t get much attention – so this year I said to myself “MAKE FRIENDS!”. 441 more words