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masked in my dark dungeon

Now that everything had been put out of the way, I could dedicate myself freely to the main object of my visit to Ramsdale. In the methodical manner on which I have always prided myself, I had been keeping Clare Quilty’s face masked in my dark dungeon, where he was waiting for me to come with barber and priest: “ Réveillez-vous, Laqueue, il est temps de mourir! 47 more words


pig-faced servant-concubine

In the course of a few glimpses, I had noticed its slight resemblance to a cheery and rather repulsive wine dealer, a relative of mine in Switzerland. 84 more words


a plausible pretext

In Beardsley , at the hands of charming Dr. Molnar , I had undergone a rather serious dental operation , retaining only a few upper and lower front teeth. 111 more words


Heart shaped sunglasses

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

This Week's New Release and Reservation

A lot of new items from “Angelic Pretty“, “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” and “Alice and the Pirates“! Don’t miss the chance to get something from these beautiful series! 172 more words


a splendid cave full of priceless treasures

He had not visited with the rascal since 1946, but supposed he could be found at his ancestral home, Grimm Road, not far from Parkington. It was a noble dream. 49 more words


perforated pied shoes

A white-smocked, gray-haired man, with a crew cut and the big flat cheeks of a politician, Dr. Quilty perched on the corner of his desk, one foot dreamily and seductively rocking as he launched on a glorious long-range plan. 40 more words