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Lolita Reddit

My boyfriend is really into Reddit and he knows that I love Lolita fashion, so he suggested I check out the Lolita side of Reddit. It seemed like an amazing idea. 898 more words


Out of the Mouths of Babes

Suzie Cyanide sat courtside at the show

She sat courtside at the show

She sat courtside to my sweater developing pulls in the knits

Little girls don’t play rough… 119 more words


a vivacious buzz

I washed up as best I could in the adjacent bathroom. Now I could leave. As I emerged on the landing, I was amazed to discover that a vivacious buzz I had just been dismissing as a mere singing in my ears was really a medley of voices and radio music coming from the downstairs drawing room.

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita


chatting and chinking ice

I found there a number of people who apparently had just arrived and were cheerfully drinking Quilty’s liquor. There was a fat man in an easy chair; and two dark-haired pale young beauties, sisters no doubt, big one and small one (almost a child), demurely sat side by side on a davenport. 32 more words




Nabokov’s Lolita is filled with doubles. But not every double was clearly defined. Only the important characters had a double. Humbert and Quilty are a prime example. 1,764 more words