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A Letter To My Abuelo

Hi lolo,

It has been years since you passed away. I still can clearly remember how much mama cried upon entering your house and seeing your coffin in the middle of the living room. 768 more words


Need regex to extrude class values

I have this kind of code

<div class="test"><a href="../toto"><i class="test toto">toto</i></a></div>
<div class="test"><a href="../titi"><i class="test titi">titi</i></a></div>
<div class="test"><a href="../tutu"><i class="test tutu">tutu</i></a></div>

Note that the content of the classes is unknown but i want to have at the end an array which contain in this case : 18 more words

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How to switch to an earlier git commit

I just got a scare after using a git reset –hard so I will play it safe and ask my question here.

I am using egit within Eclipse. 108 more words

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Equal values in a list java

As I can do to get to see the result of two or more identical numbers contained in a list. Everything has to be based on lists, the code itself is simple but I have no idea how to achieve the same values print screen. 159 more words

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Pass array to PowerShell script executed with -File argument

I have simple script which takes array argument:


for ($i = 0; $i -lt $keys.Length; ++$i) {
    Write-Host "$i. $($keys[$i])"

I want to execute it via powershell with -File argument like so: 112 more words

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En lördag i Mission och ett restaurangtips.

Dagen efter Halloween vaknade vi i den lilla nittiosäng vi på grund av oförutsedda händelser blivit tvungna att dela just den natten. Det var lite trångt men mysigt. 288 more words

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