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Forever young, my beautiful angel: Tributes to TfL worker killed by bus at Euston station

11th March 2014

The devastated fiancee of a man killed by a bus outside Euston station today said he was a “beautiful angel”.

Transport for London administrator Peter Van de Bulk, 26, was walking with partner Lauren Barwis, 25, when he was knocked down on Tuesday evening. 464 more words

London Pedestrian

London's pervasive surveillance can now help you find a bus seat

There are some great things about London’s iconic double-decker buses, including the view, the sense of space, and the ability (if you nab the front row) to pretend you’re the one driving a giant hulk of metal through the streets. 375 more words

Sweet Ride

Ok not actually but I have created these taxis, buses from a Jewellery related project I have in the works.
The larger bus is 6cm in length and has good details as too his mini brother at 3cm. 61 more words

3d Printed

London bus Thai language level up

One of my favourite polyglots, Moses McCormick, often records videos of himself “levelling up”(practising and improving in a language) on his youtube channel. Moses frequently says that you don’t need to travel to a country in order to practise a language: you just need to seek out native speakers of your target language, seize the moment and get some practice in. 276 more words


London buses more dangerous to cyclists than HGVs

This is written question from London Assembly Member Darren Johnson to the London Mayor Boris Johnson with the Mayor’s reply below.

I am pretty shocked by this, as London buses have direct vision cabs, which I had always considered much safer than traditional ‘high-cab’ lorries, as they do not have the same problems with seeing cyclists (or pedestrians) to their left front, and so had assumed that the bus / cyclist KSI numbers must be much better.   407 more words

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