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Letter to my Ward 11 neighbours

I grew up in Manor and Highland park, attended Manor and Highland Park public school (recently demolished), Woodland Heights Public School, and Westminster Secondary School. I Worked as a lifeguard at Thames Pool and had friends throughout Ward 11. 974 more words


Ward 11 ACM - Recap and Discussion

A map of ward 11 showing boundary as the Thames, Wonderland, Commissioners, and Wellington.

Today .. today was a long day.

I was on campus for 9, TAing from 1030 through 1230, home for an hour before walking to the Mayor Debate at the Kiwanis Senior Centre. 1,547 more words

London Ontario

Trees and Fungi: A Strong Relationship

While the death of a tree can be a sad thing for its loss of shade, oxygen production and carbon dioxide consumption, it is not all bad. 466 more words


ML Health Unit Poverty Survey pt. 1 - Mayor

As of 5pm EST on Sept 30th, 54 of 87 municipal candidates have returned the survey. That’s a 62.1% response rate. In an academic world, that would be amazing, but I am disappointed. 1,261 more words

London Ontario

Mayor Platform Discussion pt. 5 - Roger Caranci

The last installment of the mayor platform discussion series will profile the gentleman who has become a thorn in the side of Matt Brown’s plans – Roger Caranci. 1,059 more words

London Ontario

Mayor Platform Discussion pt. 1 - Preface & Paul Cheng

I was asked by a few people if I could write discussion pieces regarding the mayor candidates’ platforms. And I admit, I was apprehensive. It’s a large undertaking to go through the frontrunning candidates’ platforms and discuss good ideas versus questionable ones in an ‘objective’ manner, noting that it’s not 100% objective because I have my personal opinions that will not align with others. 1,444 more words


Ontario Wanderings: The London Middlesex County Chapter of the Ontario Genealogical Society

The other genealogical research option for London, Ontario is the London Middlesex County Chapter of the Ontario Genealogical Society.  http://londonmiddlesex.ogs.on.ca/

When they tell you they are in the Coach House behind the Grosvenor Lodge they are not kidding.   569 more words

Trip To Ontario And Canada 2014