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Small square footage; high price!

A shockingly tiny one-bedroom property squeezed between two average sized homes in London has hit the headlines recently as it’s become available for rent at £3,000 a month for just 447 sq/ft. 172 more words

It's harder for the average Brit to get a mortgage, but "super prime" London sales are soaring

Compare and contrast.

New mortgage approvals for homebuyers in the UK fell by 16% in October, according to the British Bankers’ Association. That brought the number of monthly mortgages written by banks down to a 17-month low. 308 more words

Will young Brits ever be able to buy their own homes?

For most Brits, financial stability means affording your own home—that’s why two-thirds of households in the country live in a place that they own. But the country’s turbo-charged property market—particularly… 381 more words

London house prices cool off while the rest of the UK heats up

House prices are both a British national obsession and a key driver of the UK’s consumer economy. So what will happen next in the property market? 881 more words

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? London’s Property Tipping Points (Part 3 of 3)

Here it is: the final instalment If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2, you should take a look at those first. If you’re returning to pick up where we left off, I can only advise that you remember the many positives outlined in the first instalment. 417 more words

Check out List of Wealthy Africans spending almost £4million on London property every WEEK

DailyMail.UK has named DJ Xclusive, Aliko Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija and other wealthy Africans from Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Gabon, Cameroon and Senegal as the wealthy Africans who spend up to £4million (pounds) on London properties every week. 238 more words


What Could Possibly Go Wrong? London’s Property Tipping Points (Part 2 of 3)

If you missed our look at the exceptional confluence of events that has helped the London property market to boom, see Part 1. If you’re already up-to-date, prepare for the dark side of the story: what could possibly go wrong? 474 more words