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WPC: Relics

A cannibalized cycle makes intriguing pavement art for this week’s photo challenge: relics

Live From London

WPC: Contrasts

An incongruous placement of deckchairs, clad in bold and rivalrous canvas prints,  and my favourite design of  pigeons and pink blancmange all add up to this week’s photo challenge: contrasts

London Streets

Breast Cancer Charity Fundraise - Pie & Mash Shop Camden

When people think of Camden, what immediately comes to mind are mobs of Spanish hippies with rat-tail haircuts followed by throngs of German high school children on school trips. 548 more words

London Streets

The Crazy Way Settings Happen (or Fast Times on London Streets)

A favorite setting I used in COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACIES involved gunfire, London streets crowded with iconic double-decker buses, various-sized lorries (yep, we’d say trucks in the U.S., but lorry sounds much more Brit), and my characters escaping via a legendary black cab. 952 more words