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Art out East

A man dressed in drag pushing around a broken washing machine in stilettoes fastened to his feet with duct tape, a (seemingly mad) woman dancing for hours on end to a DJ making music out of various car parts and a pink plastic room full of inflatable flamingos covered in splatters of luminous paint. 218 more words

Day 3 - Wax figures and a random ride

On this Wednesday morning, we decided to do Madame Tussaud’s wax figure cabinet. Personally, I was sceptic about the entrance prices of over 30€. We purchased the tickets at the hostel reception and at least saved one pound, at least. 622 more words

London Summer

Day 2 - From Windsor to Greenwich

On our second day, the weather was cloudier than yesterday, we wanted to do Windsor Castle because the pictures of this sight in the tourist guide were really impressive and I had never seen such a big castle before – there are a lot of castles in my region – so we went there. 463 more words

London Summer

Day 1 – Across London by feet

On our first day, it was a Monday we did what everyone would do, do the sights. I am not sure how tourists feel, but I felt some kind of pressure to see all the main tourist sights since everyone does it and everyone would expect you to see them and you yourself would be disappointed to miss one. 829 more words

London Summer

Arrival at the hostel and the first evening

We ended up at the tube station in Heathrow at around 6 o’clock after buying our tube tickets. We had already studied the tube plan at home since we didn’t want to get lost in such a big strange town. 599 more words

London Summer


In August 2014 a couple of friends an me, 3 persons in summary, wanted to do a little trip on our own somewhere where it is interesting and exciting to go. 561 more words

London Summer