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Mayor Joni Baechler suggesting leadership change for London

London might get a deputy mayor again. It might even get two.

Mayor Joni Baechler is making the suggestion as part of a review she’s requested. 299 more words


Food or art? This poor fellow trapped in a skittles packet is an example of the artwork that greeted us as we entered the Stour Space gallery (home of… 266 more words


20 July 2014

Today I took a picture of some haziness.


Flat hunting is boring

Hola, Nat

For a minute there I wanted to title this post ‘Working is hard‘, but we both know that already so I went for the second biggest thing happening in my life right now: Apartment hunting. 270 more words

Vero's Letters

14 July 2014

Today I took a picture of a city.


23 July 2014

That’s really all I’ve got for today.

Managed just 23 minutes of running in the aerobic zone shortly after dawn. Resolved not to beat myself up that it wasn’t 30. 27 more words