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Greenwich & The Docklands

Something we are continually reminded throughout the Central College Abroad program is ‘London is not England.’ The city atmosphere and rich history London holds is a rewarding factor when it comes to studying abroad. 102 more words


ULU Art Society

One of our requirements this semester is to join a student organization at University of London. After missing too many Harry Potter Fan Club meetings I had to quickly find another option. 388 more words



I was approached for a photoshoot at Studio 52 right when I stepped out of Saco Hair – right when I had most of my hair cut and shaved off, and dyed black, dark blue and magenta. 448 more words

Pimm's: The British Iced Tea

Wednesday, April 16

This is another great recipe given to me by my friend who runs Crazy Girls Eats. Her and her husband visited London last year came to be rather friendly with Pimm’s since it’s one of the most popular drinks in London (other than beer). 164 more words

Crazy Girl Eats Blog

Making It Last

Though I’m still in private denial about actually having to leave this marvelous city, my sensible side tells me that I had better take advantage of every moment – so that’s just what I’m doing! 574 more words


Thrashing guitars and thumping drums collide on today’s #onegoodthing.

Bruce and Carl‘s Hey You is a slab of garage-tinged punk-pop that is lovably ramshackle and a bit of a toe-tapper.