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Technology has most definitely transformed the Olympics. Although events and sports may be the same, the ways in which they’ve advanced have completely changed. Cutting-edge technology, and research to support it, have allowed athletes to train harder, perform at their best, and get the gold they’ve dreamt about their entire careers. 491 more words

coins of the realm

Got the special ‘archery’¬†fifty pence in my coffee change again. It’s gonna be a good day.

(you can read more about this coin here

Not Really Archery

EVS at London 2012 Olympic Games

One of the biggest events ever staged in London, The London Olympics 2012 Ceremony watched by an estimated 1 Billion people worldwide was a huge success and we at EVS like to think we played a small part in that. 249 more words


Sochi a success

Let’s make it clear, I don’t like Putin or what his Russia stands for! However, the Olympics is an occasion to put sport before politics! I have to say I questioned the IOC’s decision to choose Sochi, whilst not as crazy as choosing Qatar to host the World Cup, it didn’t make much sense to host it in a tropical resort. 203 more words

Summer in Sochi

During the Olympic madness in London, I tagged along with a friend who was going to Sochi on work to spend the summer there. The City was already showing signs of gearing up for the Winter Olympics; the shops were full of spandex garments and teddy bears with Sochi 2014 logos, and the main square had erected a giant countdown clock, that would tick away the seconds for the next two years. 284 more words


Olympic Gold - Graphic Design Style (Vote Now!)

Russia -vs- Great Britain, Sochi -vs- London, The Bear -vs- The Lion

The Sochi logo is OK, does look like a ‘modern’ font ripped from the Dafont site but its not that part of the creative spectrum that caught my eye. 218 more words


2012's other legacy

The security operation of the London 2012 Olympic Games were one of the biggest mobilization of the armed forces in the capital since the Second World War. 619 more words