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New York, New York!

This post on the highly instagrammed drink at Manhattan Bar is long overdue. Hence, for some extra pinch of inspiration, I decided to play Sinatra on my Spotify to get in the mood. 301 more words

Lone Ranger

Movie Lover - Step Up All In, Lone Ranger, The 100 Foot Journey

Another combo movie post!


There’s nothing you can say that will make me not watch these movies. Yes, the acting leaves a LOT to be desired and yes the plots are beyond ridiculous and yes the whole thing is soooo 2006. 448 more words

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Is Johnny Depp Destroying His Career On Purpose?

For a decade, Johnny Depp was box office gold. In the Pirate films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice In Wonderland, the always eclectic Mr Depp found a way to blend his art house edge with box office gold. 275 more words

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Little Bobby Counts Out Lunch Money!

“Little Bobby Counts Out Lunch Money”

My Bobby has 3 sisters.  One sister was 2 years older, and the other was 6 years older, and the third sister (who came along later ) was 10 years younger. 261 more words

Single Mom

Thank you for 2014

Amazing how quickly a year flows by.

When, yesterday, I was wondering what to post today, I was curious as to what I had posted a year ago to the day: … 314 more words



‘I am because we are’ is an African philosophical view of life which simply means an individual’s identity and existence is intertwined or connected to the larger community. 308 more words