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A Comforting Death (a Bad Poem and Frustration Over a Crashed Browser)

I spent five hours today, making a new post, then suddenly my browser crashed and I lost all of it. I think a number of you know what this feels like, so I am not going to explain… 235 more words

play it again

I have decided to purchase a recorder. I haven’t used one for years; hopefully, they aren’t expensive. My idea behind this is for recording my thoughts when I’m on my walks. 340 more words

The Song of Friendship and Loneliness

Loneliness, even without a bite, it stings,

it gives pain, not when I am alone;

but in a crowd, when others and their friend sing; 196 more words



On reflection, I feel that the work I have created surrounding the Hidden City Brief is highly successful. I have been extremely out of my comfort zone… 833 more words


Miss Misery

Strains of Elliot Smith in the apartment; she listens to the iPod through its bluetooth speaker, and wanders around, putting things back where they belong. It’s like cleaning up after an earthquake. 484 more words


Day 16: Resources

Today’s post is focusing more on the parents, but the element of autism is still there. Join me in my thoughts, will you?

This life, as parents of children with autism, gets very lonely quite often. 498 more words