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Wordle #19 "Perish"

Reciprocation is an art
And I haven’t the presence
To proselytize favor.
I have always assumed myself
Insignificant though it is love
That I crave above everything… 133 more words


LASTing Peace, Week 42, Plain Old, Ordinary, Nothing Special--Me

Ever felt that way? Taking a quick glance at 1 Thessalonians 4, let’s find out how God feels about “ordinary”.

Digging A Little Deeper

Who Would Miss Me?

As I sit here trying to figure out my next move and not finding any answers I am struck by how few people would care if I died. 50 more words

Journal Entry

Why I Need to Love Myself, OR Why I'm Single and Happy About It

I haven’t been in an even remotely serious relationship in well over a year, and it’s been months since I’ve had any interest in a guy. 601 more words

Sitting beside Lonely

As social and outgoing as I can be, I have often carried with me an acute sense of being alone. Some years it has felt stronger than others, some days it feels stronger than others. 606 more words


Widow Black (Original poem of mine)

All the days
Are scorched on her forehead
Like the burning tar
The gravel voice
That soothes
Like a jagged coal
In the heavy hum… 124 more words

The Loud Sound of The Past

I have often wondered how the moon becomes a full moon and the journey it goes on before it becomes a full moon. What I discovered is that the moon has different phases, and I have found myself at the waxing phase. 839 more words