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Collarbone by Allison Hefner

In a smog stained neighborhood of East Los Angeles, there exists a venue filled with beleaguered artists.   Artists dreary and groggy after long hours working in ‘the industry.’  But this night, this night, of Lonely Hearts and Mind Fucked men and women, was a night to remember.  47 more words


Natalie's Final Project Proposal

From our discussion last week and from much further thought, I have decided to change my project from Jared Leto’s career to Jared Leto’s transformations for his career. 137 more words

Final Project

Another Scam Phone Prefix: +4487

Image from Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services

This one was new to me. It’s long been known that phone numbers which begin with 4470, or 44 070, are designed to look like United Kingdom numbers, but which actually forward to anywhere in the world – usually Nigeria or some other rat-infested internet cafe where scammers tend to cluster. 441 more words


Single Girl Chronicles! Episode 1


Soon to be thirty! Still single! All panicked! LOL! Here are titbits of my journey…….indulge 


I visited my grandmother a few days ago. She is a beautiful old woman, I love spending time with her. 339 more words

Lonely hearts - 21 Oct 2013

This article was a shorter one than most, related to the issue of ‘friends with benefits’. The focus was based on statistics from the charity OnePlusOne, which said that one in three Britons aged 16-24 have had a friend with benefits. 25 more words