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Why am I so dissatisfied?

So my roommate Nick came home on Wednesday, as did his girlfriend (and my very close friend) Merryn and her brother, and at first I was thrilled to be around people I like again. 456 more words



when blue is blue by chriseastmids

In the dark of night,

a plant grows by itself.

Around it the land is barren.

No colors shimmer in the darkness,

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I think I have a problem

I like being alone. I want to be alone. But when someone doesn’t invite me somewhere, I get upset.


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking I’m happy. Some would describe it as contentment or satisfaction, but I more equate it to solace. 570 more words


Things I Lost in the Fire: Part II (The Spaces Between my Thoughts)

There are moments

Where the spaces

Between my thoughts

Aren’t filled by you

And I can believe,

Even if only for a moment,

That you truly are in a better place…

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Allestyr Greaves

When Hatred takes control.

You know you hate yourself for being ‘someone’ who you thought you’d never be. That feel of realization, that feel … I don’t know what to call that, but that little thing inside you, bursts and the venom just takes control over your whole body. 431 more words