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And I wonder as I gaze across the hall,

is every person her a lonely soul?

Where do you go when your eyes glaze over? 23 more words

19th April, 2014 – Couldn’t think of a title today.

Wow, today is tough going – there’s no other way of describing it.

Another holiday where the family would have been together and it’s so empty. 32 more words

13.4 23.15

I need you
Like the flowers need the rain,
I need you…
Guess I’ll start it all again
You know I need you…
I need you…

Soundtrack Moment

Love. Music.

Dreamt I was lost
and looking for you
Hadn’t found you yet
Was listing my musical tastes
To encourage a clear
Appetite for love

AM radio pop music 70′s vintage… 99 more words


All the Red Flags

People are getting together and breaking up all of the time. All of the time. Right now, there could be a man waking up with a surge of adrenaline, thinking today is the day — today is the day he will finally propose. 770 more words

Work In Progress

My first entry.

Sooooo….. Basically… this is my first entry. Now being that I’m some what of a perfectionist, and am desperately trying to break old habits, I am going to publish this post straight after writing it so excuse me if there are any grammatical issues and so forth and so on.  411 more words