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Because sometimes I feel like.. <//3

I may joke around or laugh aloud, I may smile and show my dimples to you but don’t get fooled because I am crying on the inside. 233 more words


The Art of Solitude

Getting older is an overall strange, and sometimes dismaying, experience. I don’t feel like a different person from who I was when I was in high school. 952 more words


Solace for the Sensitive Heart

My face blends in at Stonehenge,
My heart resembles the rocks along the banks of the creek.
To protect myself I hid myself in the boulders, 25 more words


Long days to forget

I try to work for as long as I can to avoid going home to an empty bed. All I want is someone to hold my hand

It's not racist 'If' (Not by Rudyard Kipling)

What do you do when you start feeling really lonely? When you’re thousands of miles away from your family and home and there’s no one who seems to or seeks to understand you?  620 more words

Confessions of aTeen Beauty Queen

My first ever crush back when I was in pre-school was this boy I used to sit with on the school bus. Needless to say it broke my heart one day when he whispered to the boy sitting on his other side to switch seats, frankly because he doesn’t wanna sit next to me or anywhere near me. 102 more words

an angry post

let’s say you decided you wanted to walk back into my life: 

you’re kidding right? Why would I want anything to do with you? How do you not realize that I can’t trust you again, maybe I couldn’t trust you to begin with but I wasn’t aware of it. 312 more words