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Finding My Religion

I’ve never been a religious person. Even as a child in Sunday school I would say the prayers and hear the stories, but never really connect. 106 more words


mrs lonely

I often think that there is no one out there for me to love. or rather, to love me in return. I hardly know any people and I don’t know where I’ll really meet anyone new. 63 more words

Magic at the Edges

Originally deposited this on my crazy ramblings tumblr, but decided to include it here too. It’s a pretty good narrative of what’s been a large lump of my current frustration. 180 more words


Let Go, Let God.

I’m sad I haven’t really been writing as often the last few weeks.

You see, I’m lost.

Life has been confusing me lately, and I’ve been looking at it from different angles which has left me quiet and contemplative. 314 more words

Australia Day

A few family members came over today for Australia Day. I was standing in the kitchen drinking black coffee and minding my own business when one of my relatives says to me – “Wow, look at you. 66 more words

Music Mondays: The Lonely (Christina Perri)

Imagine a music that can send a thrill down your spine and have your hair stand on end. And imagine one that can give you a powerful imagery just by reading the lyrics while listening to the melody. 129 more words

Music Mondays


Although loneliness is often a temporary condition as a consequence of a disruption in relationships, it can be felt even when surrounded by other people. People marry in order to have a life companion. 302 more words