I´ve gone through hundreds of blogs, many more posts, endless “about” sites, and even more profiles. Desperately I am searching for someone like me. No, not the countless humans who are seeking the short-lived thrill of playing with fire and also not the leftover goths who find some excitement in romanticizing blood, death, and the like. 125 more words



Lazy flop of waves coming and

going in the cold afternoon sun light,

a ramshackled fortress withstanding

the bitter wind off the wet marshes,

for hundreds of years Romantics… 87 more words


The Fear

In our time of need
We call upon fear
To sweep us off our feet.

A mere tale of sorrow
Where a family burrows
Their heads in the ground just to weep.


What If -

But right when I – Stop I hear your voice
See your face
Amidst the crowd

And what if I’m – Not the one you want… 91 more words


You and the Pavement

There you were, your ice blue eyes pierced the cold winter air
Laying still, the fears and emotions that once flooded your heart have come undone… 85 more words

Vintage Rules and Tools...

So the holidays are over, and for those of you who live the ‘frozen north’ otherwise known as Scotland, we’ve nearly made it through January! I’ve had a few weeks off, spending it with the lovely Lonesome… 124 more words

Binge watching Friends.

I started watching Friends on my parents Netflix the other day. They finally put out all of the seasons, so I’ve sort of been binge watching it. 208 more words