Loneliness / Waiting

There’s not much more
That feels much less
Than loneliness.

Isn’t much more that’s right
When everything’s wrong
When you can’t sleep at night
Or even close your eyes… 104 more words

Lonliness is meant to be.......

Loneliness is, movingly powerful in a way that stifles you to inaction…because your heart feels trampled by life or lack of the life you thought you would have at present. 443 more words

Mom Would NEVER Have Told Me This!

The Lonesome...!!!

I feel the Depression…
A body with no Satisfaction…
A mind full of Illusion…..
I feel the Lonesome In Me.

Alive i am but not in Brain… 79 more words


my blue eyed poet...

my blue eyed poet…

my desire is the blue eyed poet..
who shares my lonesome heart with me..
although we have not yet met..
he drinks my words like water.. 21 more words


Poemas: El Patito Feo - Bipolaridad (Poema en dos partes)


Cuando me siento feo,
medito en mis adentros
pero el reflejo en el agua
me desconcentra
dejo caer mi mirada
como una gota de rocío… 209 more words

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Absolute boredom, sitting about snacking and watching the television. Cascading tides of shows flooding my eyes. it is a lonely experience. longing for a partner, a Friend, a battle buddy of sorts to go on adventures and slay the dragons lurking in the shadows of society. 50 more words



I like the rain.
I like how it resembles tears and how gloomy it seems to be.
I like to walk under the rain, with my gigantic umbrella. 8 more words