Morbid theme for ya:


I am drowning and there is no water,

I am hanging but there is no rope.

Though opposing thoughts fog my mind, 38 more words

Solicitations of a Solitudinarian

I pray in my inner self
daily as the wind blows
from the life beyond
clinching and clinching
drained in my own half…

The wall staring at me looks silent… 93 more words


Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're alright

Being all alone is glaring at me in the form of bubbled up blisters on my foot and red marks on my legs.
Sometimes I’m okay with my lifestyle. 179 more words



I’ve searched so many times
For one to give me solace
Allow me to breathe unhindered

Each time I fall short
Lungs caught in a struggle… 125 more words

Original Poetry


I see you every day, walking by,

I see your eyes, blue as the sky,

I see what you wear, like that old school tie, 360 more words

Soft Suicide

I wonder at night
What I can do to help myself
find a friend
meet a girl
Somehow all the options wither away
Into unappealing nature… 75 more words

Loneliness / Waiting

There’s not much more
That feels much less
Than loneliness.

Isn’t much more that’s right
When everything’s wrong
When you can’t sleep at night
Or even close your eyes… 104 more words