Vacation: Germany and the US are parallel universes

lonewolf was on vacation these past few weeks, touring the amazing New York City and then relaxing in Sarasota, Florida. It was terrific and I feel completely reinvigorated.  525 more words


Last of the Chrome Bumpers

Hey everyone,

We were asked by out good friends from Kingpin Kuztums to do a bit of a Fashion shoot. I have to say we had a absolute ball our Models Dahlia Black and Miss Roze Royce brought the attitude and looked Fabulous you girls Rocked. 42 more words

How to pass two list of values to stored procedure in SQL Server?

So i am trying for writing a procedure which need to accept the input values in form of two lists as follows:

execute ProcedureForInsert 'john,marry,tom' '1,2,3' 40
… 78 more words