The Anglo-Saxon custom of calling strangers by their first name

An odd custom has taken hold in the Anglo-Saxon world: Calling strangers automatically by their first name. lonewolf is not sure, but the custom probably began in my home country of the United States, whose social graces, while charming, sometimes go too far. 470 more words


A Pulsing Line

A myth almost, you are to me.

I see you… and yet I fail to believe you truly exist. So frail, the image of your gentle life… I only weep in disappoint of myself for harming you in my struggled sadness. 111 more words

Lonewolf - Cult of Steel [Review]

Lonewolf – Cult of Steel
2015, Massacre Records
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1. The Cult of Steel
2. Hordes of the Night
3. Werewolf Rebellion
4. Blood of the Heretic… 369 more words

Hard Rock

Freedom…not Fear

LATE yesterday afternoon, while trying to make sense of the Sydney siege, I stood on my back deck in Brisbane for a bit of quiet time and noticed this little bird watching me as I watered my plants. 67 more words