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The 1 Week Quilt - Part 5 Fill for the Flower Blocks

The only thing that was left on the quilt was to do the fill on the 4 flower blocks. I knew that I would just outline the flowers and maybe trace the inner petals. 516 more words

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The 1 Week Quilt - Part 4 Feather Block Quilting

If you recall from the design post, this was my concept for the feather block.

I really didn’t mark much, just the center and 1/4″ from the edge in the corners. 301 more words

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The 1 Week Quilt - Part 3 Border Quilting

With the piecing done it was time to get down to some serious work. The design and piecing took up all the “extra” time over the weekend. 394 more words

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Behind, as usual

I read the blogs. I follow the blogs. I try to stay current on ongoings in the quilting world but am often overwhelmed. Then I fall behind in my own work and writing just keeping up in general. 347 more words

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Quilts of Valor #3 - Quilt Pattern Autitions

So I would really like to do some ruler work on this quilt because I think it would really accent the block shapes nicely. Like echoed lines (ok, so I did the lines free hand, on the quilt I would use a ruler. 137 more words

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Triple Quilting Challenge - FINISHED!!!!!!

I decided to bind the quilt in plain brown. I thought about sewing stripes on the binding with the varigated thread, but I was worried it would distract from the quilt. 224 more words

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Quilts of Valor #3 - Squarez

I was so excited. My third Quilt of Valor came in the mail a few days ago. When I opened the package and opened the quilt – and drew a blank. 100 more words

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