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Long Distance Relationships (they're not for everyone)

Long distance relationships are not for everyone. I know that, you know that. It’s widespread information. 303 more words


Good News

For a change, I finally have some good news.  We finally had a good talk tonight other than me professing my undying love for him.  Our fun conversations are back I hope at least for tonight it was.   317 more words


My Late Response - Never again!

19 Aug 2014
My 6th Apartment
Angeles City


I am really sorry. I am so awful replying so late.

Let me begin by answering some of your questions: 664 more words


Commander, Commander! *Schsshh Schsshh -- Walkie Talkie Noise*

Dear Dana,

I’m tired and I fucking miss you.

I can’t believe it’s now been over a week — eight days — since you’ve left. I miss you so fucking much (I don’t care how redundant saying that is). 369 more words


Growing Pains

Here is my slightly obligatory and slightly apologetic end of summer/beginning of school post..I apologize for my lack of internet presence as of late.

Hard to believe that the summer has drawn to an end. 625 more words

Christ Is Awesome

What People Don't Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships look so glamorous and envy worthy in movies. Almost like something that you aspire to have. Two head-over-heel in love twenty something year olds welcome long distance relationships with open arms in their fictional lives, while they stand precariously tall and on top of the world thinking that together they can conquer pretty much anything. 524 more words

My Thoughts on Marriage

It really disgusts me these days how people are truly making a mockery out of marriage.  Some people get married just to get married now because they think time is running out, and then they brag about getting married?   446 more words