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Some of my thoughts on LDR

So I know a lot of people are doing long distance relationships now a days, me being one of them. I just wanted to share some thoughts and maybe some advice. 242 more words

Ex Boyfriend Detox (Rant)


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    a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.”

    I have this so called “ex boyfriend” who i seemed to have broken up with all the way back in January after 9 months of a very rocky and stressful long distance relationship.

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It's A Learning Curve. Forever.

As I talk with friends and colleagues about my relationship I’m learning a lot of things. A lot of other people have been, are in or would never be in a long distance relationship. 622 more words

Lists And Reminders

Relationship Rundown

It’s funny how time can sometimes seem to be moving way too fast towards one thing, but way too slow towards another. I am in complete disbelief that my vet school adventure begins in less than a month, and I definitely do not yet feel prepared to go!  783 more words


Surviving Long Distance!

So to get away from feeling sorry for myself about the break-up, I thought I would write a post about long distance D/s relationships – something I’ve had a bit of experience with. 713 more words


the first night in prison

“What was my first night in prison like… I guess it was kind of a relief to get off the bus because the trip down was so horrible. 477 more words


3 Great Inventions That Help Lovers Succeed in A Long Distance Relationship

Find out what inventions are really helpful for long distance relationships and the 3 that helped my LDR come together with my current husband.