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Timing is Everything

You know, I have to be honest, I am totally flabbergasted that all of this happened to me this past year. Marius and I were long distance friends several years back, and I really never expected to fall in love across the ocean. 188 more words


Dating in Paris

“So, what happened with PhD girl?”

“The Brazilian one?”


“I don’t know, can I ask you a Euro-dating question?”


“Is it normal to have 24-48 hour lags between texts?” 687 more words


Day One Seventy Eight: Another Twist

What happens when your SO says he’s moving to a country closer to you? You should be excited. But what if the time difference is more challenging because of your schedules? 292 more words

My Boyfriend Is Traveling Abroad And Won't Commit To Be Faithful, It Doesn't Make Sense To Me...

  There were two things that came to mind when reviewing your question, and in order for me to answer it fully, I have to think at this situation from a few angles. 682 more words

#TellTia Advice Columns

A Little Tease

Goodness the days have gone by much faster than I anticipated! It probably helps that I have two midterms this week (one of which I’m 99% will make me cry by Friday). 100 more words

Army Wife

About Us- Marius' Story

I wrote the “About Us” page, and Marius wanted to write his own version, so this is what he wrote:

Who are we? We are truly a couple of the 21st century. 177 more words


I Hear

The most amazing thing

When I think I hear your voice in the wind

I stop, look up and stare

Because I believe, somewhere

You are standing, looking up… 21 more words