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crazy little thing called love

It was almost four years ago now – Valentines Day Weekend.

I was 18 years old. A freshman in college. I had just finished my Intro to Music History class, Tuesday/Thursday, 11 am-12:15 pm. 718 more words

Box of Sunshine

This is straying a bit from my usual boyfriend-centric posts. As anyone who follows my blog knows, I love surprising my man with little things that will make him smile or make his day. 104 more words

Long Distance Love

Dating Long Distance

Ah the joys having to be apart from your loved one due to a number of reasons out of your control #sigh. Whether it’s because you are of different nationalities, have a husband deployed overseas or work and family commitments means you are apart ;being separated by land or sea isn’t usually how we envisioned our fairytale story to go. 734 more words

Practical Tips

I'm Sorry

I feel like it’s all I say anymore. I am always apologizing, feeling guilty for literally every thing I do. I apologize because I cry. I think I say I’m sorry to my boyfriend at least 5 times a day… I feel like a piece of shit for everything I do, and putting him through this with me. 243 more words


Relationship, Maybe?

Recently, as in sometime last month, I made a connection, through social media (twitter) with a guy who we’ll call J. At first it started out as friends and jokes and whatnot. 568 more words

Just Me

Weekly Whining: Maybe I Need a Confidence Boost

So I know that a majority of the posts that I write here talk about how I’m in a funk and can’t get myself out but basically would do anything to get myself out because it sucks. 917 more words

My Destination (You Are)

I admire you from afar

An astronomer enchanted with nebula in the night sky

I study a star chart with great intensity

Mapping the swiftest direction to you… 88 more words