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Dear Lisette,

There comes a point in any separation when one has to press their entire being up against the notion that their loved one will never return. 549 more words

Common Denominator

Am I a common man

Who fell in love with a queen?

Or are you a common woman

And we are just two common beings? 82 more words

What I Ate Wednesday #2

It was a rainy day on the west side here in Woodinville. Overcast, was it “gray” or was it *grey*? Either way, it was fitting as I hugged my Beau goodbye yesterday on the curb of the American Airlines terminal. 539 more words

Long Distance Relationships


So I’m trying to get Fight Club to come visit next month, maybe even for Thanksgiving, and I asked him the other night if he’d thought about it more. 148 more words


Best Friends in Far Away Places

How many times can you text someone in a day? A bajillon. How many pictures are you required to send someone a day? All of them. 471 more words


LDR: Part 1- Communication

Sometimes growing up means finding yourself living far away from your significant other. Post-graduation is a time when focusing on jobs is key and this can put people in two different places. 344 more words

Long Distance Relationships


I would like to apologize to my readers (Sorry Dad and Liz) for not posting in a week. My only excuse is that my best friend and boyfriend visited last week and I felt like making  human interactions instead of writing on the Internets. 22 more words

Growing Up