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How to increase golf swing speed and hit longer drives

How to increase golf swing speed and hit longer drives
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Summer Showers

I was lazying around as usual and listening to Tiesto’s “Red Lights” when I looked out of the window and there they were… dark grey clouds filled raindrops of happiness, I opened the window and gush of breeze filled my room. 295 more words

Just Follow Me, Okay?

Our work conference ended in a typical fashion….drinking, a night in the small downtown area, and exchanging of contact info.  We all knew that contacts in various departments would save us from both losing our jobs and using frustrating websites or applications that were not user friendly.   1,043 more words

Boy... Friends?

Okay friends, time to get real with y’all.

SO as my last post states, I had my spring break the other week. At the beginning of it though, my best friend Ciaran* was home. 674 more words

Anything And Everything

Gnarlwolves - CRU

Some new sounds for your ears while you skate around town or for those long drives and want some new tunes to listen to. Enjoy!


Silver Linings

Clouds, grey and reminisce
of times spent
forgotten and recalled
In the city to be, soon.

The Move

About two weeks after I decided to drastically change my life and everyone else’s (most especially my hubby’s), I arrive here in Norwalk, Connecticut. Going back the past few days before “The Move”, friends have been so generous with their time and support and prayers, not to mention the going away presents that just tugged at my heart strings. 297 more words