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Driving across Australia

i just did it…..about two months back.

In three and a half days, 3800 km from Perth to Sydney.

Here’s what happened -

I made a ridiculously low bid on eBay for a car in Perth, Western Australia, and won it. 258 more words

Going to grandma and grandpas house

One of my fondest memories growing up was being at grandma and grandpas house. They lived 9 hours away and we were there at least once a month for a long weekend and sometimes a lot more then that. 176 more words

Sunsets on Open Roads

Sunset on Long Beach

Sunset over Old Montauk

Napeague Meadow Road

Scuttle Hole Road

Love long drives over
Long walks but I’d rather do
Walking then short drives… 7 more words

Go For A Ride

You showed me green every time
Missing the journey

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Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk

I went to the movie theater tonight to see Interstellar. When I returned home this melody floated through my brain on a tiny surfboard and left a stream of pleasant memories, captured in a moments time: 110 more words

What's your passion?

Everyday my passion grows more and more, to see the sunset in every country. To capture the beauty from every perspective.


Things That Make Me Happy

Its easy being happy in this materialist world. But with the way the world pans out in reality, it as just as easy to be disillusioned with everything around us. 685 more words