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Cabin fever in Windermere, BC

It’s long driving season and I ended up in Windermere with family.  It was great to unwind and not do anything for 4 days and 3 nights. 215 more words


One Hundred Days of Blogging - Day Eight

I’m at that point in the summer where I can’t live in the present. Just isn’t happening. My vacation is over a month away, and my focus is fixed on it without possibility of being shifted elsewhere. 580 more words


I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Well, no. I wouldn’t. But I would drive 500 miles, which is how many I seem to drive each week. Eep. Anyone else feel the pressure on my wallet? 360 more words

Helpful Tips

Albu-What's-it, St. Nick, and Someone Named Fe

You know what I find odd? The lack of snow, reindeer, jolly old elves, and anything Christmas in Santa Fe. I mean, it’s got Kris Kringle in the  435 more words

Fun Experiences

2014 Beach Vacation

The clock is winding to the days I have left until my feet finally hit the sand of North Myrtle Beach. Bags aren’t packed, no money saved; 72 hours until the car leaves the driveway. 364 more words

Beach Stories

Road Rage

    He lived on the edge of a major highway throwing baseballs at tollbooths and marking off the days on his calender until he turned 18 and his parents would let him get a license. 286 more words

BEING ALONE...my time, my space

I love to spend time with me…and by me I mean just me, my mind and my heart…

I know some of you might find it bizarre but it’s true…In India, we don’t entertain concept of living separately from parents or family…so we hardly get time to be alone…someone or the other is always there to bother your train of thoughts…which I hate from bottom of my heart…I always enjoyed being alone at the regular interval of times…but It hardly happens… 727 more words