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I miss my long hair! Haha! :( Dear hair, please grow fast. Pretty pretty please!

What are you doing to your hair?

Too often we concentrate so much on what products we use that we forget how important what we do to our hair is. The best products in the world won’t give you the hair of your dreams if you do not watch how you use them and how you handle your hair. 533 more words

10 Hair Products / Tools I couldn't Live Without (Plus My New Haircut)

I recently cut  my hair and ditched my extensions- A drastic change for me ( I used to wear 25” hair extensions to the middle of my back), now I have a semi short shoulder grazing do that I couldn’t be happier with. 752 more words

Hair extensions almost every girl just has to have!

I am completely  just in love with hair extensions and the dramatic change they can make in any woman’s look.  I love how hair extensions today are becoming faster to do, more comfortable to wear and most importantly…more affordable! 546 more words

Hair Extensions

My Hair Growth 'Secrets'

DISCLAIMER: The following is my personal experience on how I managed to grow my hair after I had killed it with bleach so badly that it wouldn’t grow past my shoulders. 756 more words

Hairstyle #1 : Braid for Long/Medium Hair

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I made this really cute braid on my friend Donna’s hair and thought that it looked gorgeous. So, here I am to share it with you all! 97 more words

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Hair Thinning And What Helps

Experiencing hair thinning in the crown area?
Prescription: Products with Tea Tree Oils is the perfect solution! Try NouriTress Perfect Hair Follicle Therapy with Tea Tree Oil & our Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS to help re-grow this area! 8 more words