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Last Minute Luxury Hotel Packages For Christmas & New Year

At the peak of the festive season Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) offers a variety of last minute seasonal activities and packages around the world for those of you who want to celebrate with a bit of style. 970 more words

15 practical ways to concur jet lag

Jet lag is an unfortunate consequence of long-haul trans-meridian travel; as if dealing with children when you’ve all been cooped up for 14 hours isn’t enough your sleeping and eating, even your toilet patterns are completely thrown out of whack by crossing multiple time zones.   761 more words

Travel With Kids

Seats in the Sky.

I spent this morning talking about planes.

It was sparked by a Buzzfeed link that appeared on my Twitter feed called 12 First Class Cabins That Will Make You Hate Flying Economy. 459 more words

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Out of Control, But No Need For Control

In the past 12 hours, my life experience has grown to incorporate a rare trauma for Southern California natives. As I was driving through Pennsylvania, I discovered what it’s like to hit a patch of ice on the highway and smack into a guardrail from it. 1,601 more words


On-flight beauty essentials

I fly long-haul more than short flights, so my beauty regimen is usually a bit extensive (because I have so much time to spare). But also because the air on the plane is so dry that my skin and eyes feel like the Sahara. 449 more words


10 Tips for flying your best

Having started travelling at an early age, and after flying on too many flights to even count, I’ve started to get the hang of how to prepare for flying, especially long-haul. 968 more words