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Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Roommate Gone?

So, this week, my 642 Things to Write About prompt is quite vague.

The eighth topic is: The long-lost roommate.

My answer:

My long-lost roommate is the one I haven’t met yet. 264 more words

157. The Long Haul

When a loner long-haul trucker discovers a teenage runaway hidden in his load, he vows he will return her to her family, only to learn that she is in fact his daughter from a long-ago affair and that she has no intention of going back to her mother.


Day 8

Five days a week my sister calls me at about 7am. Sometimes we chat for 300 minutes at a time. I am not kidding.

We were not raised together, and only connected about 6 years ago.  124 more words


#5 Be Brief - WordPress

A message that she bottled

Bleary eyed and sniffle ridden I picked up my abundance of Monday morning mail. Rubbing my eyes I  spotted a handwritten letter buried in the pile. 117 more words

Writing 101

Another WW1 story

From the Youtube link:

I don’t mean to infringe on copyrights of artists, especially not respected ones like the Incredible String band, but I felt I should publish this track because of the strange tale attached to its origins.

563 more words

More on Long Lost

This weekend was shooting for my daughter’s short film “Long Lost” at Callan Park in Sydney. The film is based on the story of a French soldier, but coincidentally there was an Australian soldier who went through the same ordeal of losing all memory of his earlier life, and this man lived for many years at the same Callan Park, which was at the time a psychiatric hospital: 33 more words


Apparently I Have Four Long-Lost Twin Brothers?

So, this is pretty crazy. All my life, I’d thought I was an only child, but just this past week, not only did I discover that I had four (or three maybe) long-lost twins, but that they also share the same exact name as me! 378 more words