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Đi qua thương nhớ

“Some emails stayed undeleted…

Some letters remained unburnt…

Some conversations got permanently archived…

Some precious imprints got etched in the memory…

And you and me, I guess in some far away recess of my tired mind, we are always there—loving each other, hating each other, at logger heads with each other…or perhaps in perfect harmony with one another.” 426 more words

Long Nights

Rainy days

Tet is coming. While many are preoccupied with shopping and decorating their houses, some are engulfed by inconsolable grief. Many are filled with joy, the others with nostalgia. 267 more words

Long Nights


Have a good night say I. Than again, sleep well and for a third time, I hear me saying, take care. I stare down on my feet. 254 more words

Where Is The Love?

Clock Ticks

As the day ends, different kinds of colors fascinates us and changes our perceptions. The tendencies to be tired, sleepy, excited, content, and anxious are just a few of these perceptions that may enter our human zone. 91 more words


Strawberry swirl

July was a time of long, long summer nights,

And strawberry swirls in the sky.

Pink gave way to

Ruby red –

As the sun sank into the lake… 13 more words


The story of her life....

She is just a normal girl, like you, like me, like any of us trying to live a normal life. The difference is that many of us succeed in living a normal and happy life…. 278 more words
















For the ones with their sorrow in the darkest nights, running for redemption


I say I don’t want to be found but really, I leave breadcrumb hints for you to find, sifting through conversations. 219 more words