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Strawberry swirl

July was a time of long, long summer nights,

And strawberry swirls in the sky.

Pink gave way to

Ruby red –

As the sun sank into the lake… 13 more words


The story of her life....

She is just a normal girl, like you, like me, like any of us trying to live a normal life. The difference is that many of us succeed in living a normal and happy life…. 278 more words
















For the ones with their sorrow in the darkest nights, running for redemption


I say I don’t want to be found but really, I leave breadcrumb hints for you to find, sifting through conversations. 219 more words

My Mental Illness

I convinced myself that I was mentally handicapped. I am not able to sleep most nights, so it is understandable that I have weird thoughts about life from time to time. 292 more words

My Life

Sunday Morning Hangover

Good Morning, its Sunday and I pretty much feel like shit. Got drunk as hell last night and that was just a bad idea. After I decided to stumble my ass home mind you no idea how I even found my house I collapsed on my bed and the world decided to go on a spin cycle. 241 more words

That Night With the Teddy Bear

When I went to university, I had high hopes that my life would become less boring and that I would have some interesting stories to tell later on. 1,349 more words


two weeks

These past two weeks have been very crazy. One of our clients told us that the media plans we have been working on were too similar between local store marketing and grand openings. 745 more words