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The One Lovely Blogger Award!

Happy Friday indeed!

I was nominated for the one lovely blogger award by the beautiful Julie, aka floresypaz, who writes the most wonderful blog over at… 866 more words


The Reluctant Angel-Part 3

As Angel continue to succumb to that aura of peace that overtook every particle of his being, he began to accept that the life he knew….was no more. 1,047 more words


Blink Of An Eye

The cottonwoods stand out now,  making the difference between the light green of the alder and billowy yellow of the cottonwood leaves obvious. We see this now as we scramble up the mossy rocks that lead to the bluffs overlooking the Stillaguamish River valley. 3,463 more words


Chapter Nine

Join the Feast!

A king prepared a feast for his son’s wedding.  He sent his servants to tell the invited guests that the feast was ready, come to the wedding.  2,364 more words


Cryptome Kills the Kickstarter: an interview with John Young

Send us material venal cowards dare not publish — see note below about perfidy of pols, lawyers, journalists, NGOs. You owe it to the fucked over public or shut your shop.

1,326 more words

The Necessity of Pain

In my previous post, I decided to be transparent about my latest breakthrough in yoga, in terms of facing painful areas of my life that were long removed from the tears that had surfaced during my workout. 399 more words

Wisdom & Growth

Dump Wrap Supreme

Welcome back. Despite having more time on my hands than ever, I haven’t sat down and dumped in over ten weeks. Amazing. Some of you emailed me, asking if you’ve been removed from the list. 1,372 more words