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Dave Learns the NBA Does Not Support Throwing Babies

“No, you can’t do that anymore,” Andrew said, left hand on his hip, right pointer finger raised and shaking back and forth. He was the sassiest ginger kid Dave had ever met, but god damn did he suck at basketball. 1,654 more words


A while back, I wrote a post about a magic tree. A magic penis tree. It was, of course, not really magic at all. It just had such strange, unlikely fruit that it some odd beliefs got attached to it. 1,176 more words


Istanbul: The Blue Mosque + Hagia Sofia

There are some buildings that you never forget; the Hagia Sofia is one of them. When I finally decided to start my tour of Istanbul, I knew that’s where I had to head. 1,226 more words


Nails, He Said I Said, Skyfall, and 70's TV

Any who thinks remodeling their home is as seamless and smooth as any number of television shows make it seem is living in some other dimension. 791 more words


Owls. Again. For the last time. I promise.

If you’ve been following this blog, you will know that I have, of late, been writing about owls. Lowveld owls. Lots of them. I like owls. 1,169 more words


Boston: One Year Later

I was asked by one of the editors of my school newspaper to write a commentary on the Boston Marathon bombing in the immediate days after. 664 more words


Glass Love

They got the world believing being weak is being strong.
What you know is right, is wrong.
So of course.
We go through life making unrealistic decisions. 49 more words

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