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A Shiny, Fresh New Year

“Every sinner has a future . . . and every saint has a past.”  I do not know who to attribute this temporal and spiritual quote, but I believe this phrase to be true. 326 more words


Stephen Colber(t), 2005-2014

Stephen Colbert, age 9, died in his home this week under a pile of burning money. A successful author, pundit, and 2-time presidential candidate, Mr. 698 more words


Bit Number 12 of "Darlagh Sings" (Bruscar)

***If you want to read the story from start to now, you can go to our categories list and click on “Darlagh Continuously Sings” or you can go to this web address. 3,412 more words

The Reading Cure

/Beth Wareham

Broken brain. You know it. Trauma. Stress. Upheaval. Downheaval. Poor diet. No sleep. Powerlessness. Suffering.

After a certain age, you hit periods of great difficulty in your life: elderly parents, teenage children, health issues, the endless feeling you are an ATM. 604 more words


The Clairvoyant Chapter III

I was walking along the high street outside the hospital thinking about Joyce and how bad a state she was in when I heard someone behind me say, 1,224 more words

Facebook Was My Prison

Yes, it’s true; I was a prisoner. Not a prisoner in the way most think, but a prisoner to my Facebook account. How could a little blue square with an “f” on my phone take charge of my life? 684 more words



Dapper movement.
Be strong in mind,
or the world will consume it.
Guard your feelins,
or the world will abuse it.

If they take it all, there’s nothing to give. 35 more words

Mental Health