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The Gospel Overwhelms Your Past

Today I want to show you an unlikely passage that gloriously, yet not obviously (at first), displays the gospel of grace and how it overwhelms and overcomes your past. 1,377 more words

C. H. Spurgeon

Randy and Jonathan

Randy and Jonathan are twins, but you would never notice if no one told you. Randy is about 4′ 10″, dark brown skin tanned from the hours he spends outdoors, he’s a bit pudgy, but energetic. 3,081 more words


This'll be a doozy...

I’m one of those people that stands for justice. I value fairness and equality, and I appreciate authority and restrictions when they are properly practiced. Today, I witnessed an incredible injustice through a Facebook link. 625 more words

Andrew Kalleen

To Think Better, Think Less | Warhol's Children

We are lovers of the creative. We revel in novelty and are stunned by genius – the sheer imagination behind a creation, a thought or an idea. 1,021 more words

Three Days To Go

There are only three days to go. Everyone we know and strangely, a few people we don’t will be there.
We have the readings, the favours, the table settings, the waistcoats, the hangers, the dress. 384 more words

Wedding Story

So, you want a puppy? Things to think about before you adopt a puppy


Everybody loves puppies. Even those who dislike dogs like puppies. If you’ve just decided to get your own furry ball of happiness, welcome to a better, happier life. 909 more words