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Information Diet

This post brought to you by my desire to have breakfast for every meal.

I hated reading this transcript of David Graeber and Thomas Piketty talking… 131 more words


She lived again!!

There lived a beautiful little girl in a small town of Africa, humble & naive with sharp features and big gorgeous eyes. She wasn’t born in a very rich family and she struggled through most of her life with her father, who had a huge pompous ego. 368 more words


13 Quick Fashion Tips for Men!

I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup tea, trying to get the creative juices flowing for this next article. Since everyone loves top lists, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a quick list of some practical fashion tips. 771 more words

Long Reads

Darlagh Continuously Sings

Perla Zorn and Bruscar are writing each other off!

They’re taking turns writing bits to a story. They don’t know what the other is going to write or where they are going to take the story until their bit goes live on WordPress! 14,807 more words


Comfortably numb

After reeling off various concerns about various people and current situations like a scatter gun, a very beautiful heart asked mine how I was doing. It was a gentle whisper that fell slowly and silently, draping itself across my spikey edges like silk. 948 more words

Self Esteem

But Cold Goes Such A Long Way.

“Caring less means winning many battles, but ultimately losing the war. Yes, you will be the person everyone seems attracted to and wants to be around, because you come across as detached and cool. 101 more words

Deeper Musings

From the Vault: The Real CEO Letters

From time to time we receive missives of particular interest in our unencrypted public email or our Contact Form. We’d like to share one with you now. 4,458 more words