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Facebook Was My Prison

Yes, it’s true; I was a prisoner. Not a prisoner in the way most think, but a prisoner to my Facebook account. How could a little blue square with an “f” on my phone take charge of my life? 684 more words



Dapper movement.
Be strong in mind,
or the world will consume it.
Guard your feelins,
or the world will abuse it.

If they take it all, there’s nothing to give. 35 more words

Mental Health

The Clairvoyant II

I was just twenty six when Auntie Joyce died. During that long cold winter the hospital, two bus rides away from my house, became my second home. 769 more words

Long Reads

Present Inhabitations

This essay was originally finished in December 2013 for MFA in Creative Writing program at Goddard College. I’ve returned to a year later because I think the questions explored: those of haunting and the desire to connect to the past of HIV/AIDS while trying to move forward resonate today. 8,181 more words



Truth can be a lot of things, but never inflated.
It can’t be twisted, it can’t be debated.
In our world, Seeing 25, means you made it. 87 more words

Mental Health

12 - 13 - 14

Today was just mind-blowing. ❤

First things first, I honestly didn’t realize that today is 12 – 13 – 14 ( December 13th 2014). Seriously , di ko na pansin. 658 more words

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Independent Travel: How to Travel to Machu Picchu Without A Tour


I’m not a tour person. I like to do things at my own pace and decide myself what I want to see and when. I can get a little irritated if I feel like a sheep following a bunch of other sheep following the shepherd who is bored with taking yet another set of tourists asking stupid questions to see the same old thing. 4,052 more words