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We have nothing to fear but . . .

The end of the world!  Chaos in the streets!  Total anarchy!  Sharks falling from the sky!  And all of this because I made a typo. 323 more words


Listening to the Crash My Party album by Luke Bryan. I know–I like country music? PHWOOOAR!


Lambs To A Slaughter. (Part two) by CpSingleton © 2010

Chapter One

Some time around present day: Leeds, Yorkshire.

The August morning was warm and bright. A little pointless, because most of the dilapidated red-brick terraced housed streets, with their over-grown yards and bars on their windows, were devoid of their usual student residents. 457 more words


Self Entrapment II

Authors Note: A few years ago I believed that I was going to be a writer. The world quickly disabused me of that notion. Now I would like to pick up on that dream again, find that zeal I once had. 3,205 more words


The Reluctant Angel-Conclusion

The Angel in the grey suit walked the city streets, taking in the sights and sounds of a normal day.

He listened as the cab drivers screeched in and out of traffic, occasionally shouting obscenities out their open windows to other drivers who impeded the journeys. 1,117 more words


A Little Rant On Fake-Support Friends

It all began when a friend of mine visited me (it had been a while), and whilst we were catching up she made a point of mentioning that she had not yet liked my Facebook page. 730 more words


August 1st: The Hitchhiker

I wrote this piece a while ago as just a random creative writing topic but ended up liking it quite a lot, so I hope you enjoy! 1,234 more words