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100 Hard Things - Day 4

4. Decided to stay on the worship team.

I’m bit hesitant to post this since this too personal for me to share to the world, so I’m a bit uncomfortable about this. 600 more words


100 Hard Things - Day 3

3. Studied Well

As a Medical Technology student, especially in our school, it’s already expected that one should study hard, because if you don’t, you ain’t gonna survive. 562 more words


Better Together - Scottish Separatist Referendum

For everyone living in the U.K., we’ve all been aware that the big day has been approaching for years (indeed some have been waiting for it for 300 years) whilst for everyone overseas, if you didn’t know there was going to be a referendum in Scotland on thursday then you will soon. 2,360 more words

100 Hard Things - Day 2

2. Performed a WBC Count

As a Medical Technology student, we have this class called Hematology, which is the study of blood. As part of that subject, we get to actually look at your blood and do some cool tests on it. 712 more words


Just Another Saturday Night...

What little I know about people can fit on the head of a pin. Admittedly, since I have garnered this miniscule amount of knowledge from thirty-odd  years in the restaurant business, my outlook on humanity may be somewhat skewered and, to be frank, not all that rosy. 2,220 more words


Love Story of Unparallel Times - Part 2

By Bhuvi M

Continuing from Love Story of Unparallel Times – Part 1

One day, while cleaning up old stuff from the cupboards we found a large family picture taken on the occasion of my grandfather’s Tilak ceremony (A ceremony of formal engagement). 725 more words


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Teaching: You're Winging It

I have a class of really rambunctious 3rd graders at Shanlin Elementary School. By rambunctious I mean they are so bold as to literally stand on their chairs and scream in unison at the start of class. 1,338 more words