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What We Do In Shadows | The Internet and Optimism

The churn of world news as fuelled by social media is the ultimate form of contemporary escapism. All the more so because it’s insidious: you think you’re engaging with the world at large by posting a link to the latest piece of news hysteria (with an accompanying slice of commentary of your own) but what’s really happening is that you’re simply enabling a vicious cycle to keep spinning. 557 more words


but homeschooling is only for rich people!

One assumption I get tired of seeing is that homeschooling is only for the wealthy. That it is impossible for families to survive without both parents working full-time. 2,014 more words


Chapter 14/ Final Chapter

God Has Feelings, Too

Jesus conveyed many messages to us about our home and friend in God through these parables and the others contained in the Gospel books of the bible.  2,291 more words



The giant wall thermometer on the wall reads, thirty-degrees Celsius. Your skin already knows this as it tries to breathe through the sweat. You have urgent errands to run in town. 1,085 more words


Stop thinking too much...or should you?

Each and every one of us at one time in our lives have been accused by someone or the other of this fatal flaw- thinking too much. 692 more words


Wedding VI

Then we hit a problem. A gatecrasher arrived.
He was the boyfriend of one of Sarah’s cousins, who in turn was an offspring of the heckling branch of my newly extended family. 353 more words

Wedding Story

Wedding V

After all the trauma, the ups and downs, the drama of our story together, the moment I had dreamed of was here.
Stunning isn’t the word. 619 more words

Wedding Story