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Should You Be Planning for Long-Term Care?

Let’s face it.  Some of us are planners.  Some of us like to wing it.  Sometimes we can get things accomplished using either method . . 495 more words

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I Do, But I Don't-Modifying Estate Plans in the Face of Catastrophic Illness

By far, the most popular estate plan that I draft is what I refer to as the “I Love You” plan.  Husband executes a will leaving everything to wife. 613 more words

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Are You Ready for the Elder Years? (Part 2)

Continuing from my last post, here are a few additional suggestions to ensure you’re adequately prepared for the years ahead:

5.) Create a list of professionals involved in your personal affairs. 352 more words

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Don't Keep Secrets and Don't Be Left in the Dark


Do you know where your assets are?  Many people don’t.  So long as there
is regular income and some money in the bank, we do not bother to take a… 488 more words

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Life Insurance and the Medicaid Application

To qualify for Medicaid in Ohio, an individual can have only $1,500 or less in “countable” assets.  Certain  life  insurance  policies  are  considered  “countable”  assets.  Others  are “exempt”  and  will  not  affect  the  Medicaid  application.  871 more words

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The Benefits of the Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Policy

It has been six years since the Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program came to Ohio. Although there was quite a bit of promotion at the time, there was some confusion among consumers as to the benefits of the partnership program over traditional long term care insurance. 678 more words

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The Talk

You have been dreading it, but you know when they reach a certain age it is time
to have “The Talk”.  You know the choices they make (or do not make) now are… 806 more words

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