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What My Debt Is Teaching Me

When I think of debt, I think of paying it off, avoiding it, or being debt-free. I never consider what my debt can teach me. As our No Spend year has continued, my financial state is always in the forefront of my mind and my goals. 713 more words

No Spend Challenge

Make A Good Start

There’s this game I bought from Papemelroti called Today’s Advice wherein you will close your eyes and point anywhere on the game poster then you have to follow the advice where your finger is. 331 more words

Bookmarks for landmarks!

Finally! 20,000 words! It took longer than it should have (24 days to be exact, which averages out to a little over 400 words per day) but I’ve reached my second mini-milestone. 394 more words


Building Rome: Something Good

As part of the goal-building prompts that Green Embers puts out every week, he reminds us of something that we can all lose sight of:  there is good in every day.   346 more words


My Bikini Competition Plan

A follow up to my ‘Road to Bikini Comp’ blog (but really a lot of my blogs will be follow ups to that in the future) 709 more words


The struggle is real

I’ve had a rough time writing as much as I’d like to lately. I could give twenty different excuses for not writing everyday but none of them are 100% legitimate so I’ll skip it. 263 more words


The Road to my first Bikini Competition

Starts here. Or well. Maybe over there. *vague gesture* Or perhaps…well, anyway, we’re starting. First I took some measurements.

Waist: 27

Widest part of the butt: 38.5… 392 more words

Bikini Comp