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Getting tired of feeling like, 'Why me? Why???' Here's why...

In my last post, I wrote about the many roles a carer plays. One of them is the Victim role and I will expand on that here. 1,277 more words

Long-term Conditions

Crohns, Clinical Trials and Dallas Buyers Club

Films/books about illness always strike a chord with me, whether they’re fictional tales such as The Fault in Our Stars or based on true stories, like… 1,459 more words

A Letter for....

Have you ever wanted to write a letter? It could be to the younger self, or it could be to a future self. It could be a letter you’re going to send or one you have no intention of sending. 51 more words

Physical Disabilities

Your chronic condition's anniversary - The many faces of the carer (part 2)

Two posts ago, I wrote how the anniversary of a condition/illness’s onset is a time to remember with respect. That was written from the point of view of the person with the condition/illness. 1,879 more words

Long-term Conditions

We make our own light at the end of the tunnel

This post comes from a recent experience but one I’ve had many times before. When someone is in the acute phase of an illness, for example like Transverse Myelitis (rare neurological auto-immune disorder that can result in disability and the outcomes for recovery are unknown and uncertain), the question they ask is, ‘Is there light at the end of the tunnel?’ 49 more words

Long-term Conditions

What do you do when the bath rim is as high as your forehead?

The Frenchman returns home from hospital in the car of Maman on a dreadful rain-lashed Monday morning.  I have been blessed with a croaky voice  which makes me sound terribly ill, whilst feeling perfectly well, so I ring in sick and enjoy the awful weather and the lazy day off type vibe.   589 more words

Your chronic condition's anniversary - Time to celebrate

So, it’s the anniversary. The day your life changed. Irrevocably. Forever with a big F. This was the day you first started feeling strange symptoms, or you took yourself to A&E or were rushed there, or you got a diagnosis, or you had a big operation. 1,729 more words

Long-term Conditions