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3000 Tenners - 'It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.'-Mahatma Ghandi

How many times in the week do you buy a coffee and a muffin, a wedge of your favourite cheese or a couple of fashion magazines? 804 more words


Long-term illness & Employment - What makes it work?

You may be the line manager of an employee who is living with a long-term condition or illness that requires some time off for the employee to recover to the point they can return to work. 522 more words

Long-term Conditions

Ahem ... drip, snuff ... ahem ahem

I try not to do this, although I’m not sure why. Writing from the heart is always more gripping than trying to be detached. But it can also lead to … mistakes … vulnerabilities … 1,221 more words

Getting tired of feeling like, 'Why me? Why???' Here's why...

In my last post, I wrote about the many roles a carer plays. One of them is the Victim role and I will expand on that here. 1,277 more words

Long-term Conditions

Crohns, Clinical Trials and Dallas Buyers Club

Films/books about illness always strike a chord with me, whether they’re fictional tales such as The Fault in Our Stars or based on true stories, like… 1,459 more words

A Letter for....

Have you ever wanted to write a letter? It could be to the younger self, or it could be to a future self. It could be a letter you’re going to send or one you have no intention of sending. 51 more words

Physical Disabilities

Your chronic condition's anniversary - The many faces of the carer (part 2)

Two posts ago, I wrote how the anniversary of a condition/illness’s onset is a time to remember with respect. That was written from the point of view of the person with the condition/illness. 1,879 more words

Long-term Conditions