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Myth Check 102: The Unemployed Are Incompetent

Lazy AND Incompetent

We, the unemployed, are not only considered lazy, but we are also considered incompetent. Have you heard that?

If you have not heard that, let’s discuss this other misconception of the unemployed. 1,016 more words

Long-Term Unemployment

Interviewing for Jobs: So Close Yet So Far

From Top of the Pile…

In such a tough job market, it is-no doubt-a great feeling to get a response to an application submission for an interview. 990 more words

Job Searching

Oh, The Wait

Here Waiting

Would you like to know what the average length of long-term unemployment looks like these days? Some have found a duration of about 40 weeks. 1,070 more words

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US Labor Secretary on Long-Term Unemployed - It keeps me up at night because their stories are so compelling

Perez said the plight of the long-term unemployed – or those without work for at least 27 weeks — is the one issue that has caused him to lose sleep. 907 more words

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Myth Check 101: The Unemployed Are Lazy

Long-Term Unemployment Stereotype

These days people tend to believe that long-term unemployment is a choice. In their minds, we, the 3.2 million long-term unemployed, are enjoying unemployment because we do not want to work anyway. 1,046 more words

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No one really understands the unemployment rate

There are actually six different “unemployment rates,” although predominantly when people use that term in cocktail party banter, they mean “the number of people looking for work who can’t actively find it.” But by no means is that the entire picture ( 415 more words

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