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US - The short-term unemployment rate has returned to its pre-recession average, so what ?

Because the short-term unemployment rate has returned to its pre-recession average, one important implication—if the hypothesis that the long-term unemployed are largely on the margins of the labor market is correct—is that further declines in short-term unemployment would be expected to be associated with rising inflation and stronger real wage growth. 655 more words

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And So It Goes...#501

Herewith an example of campaign propaganda dissemination contrasting the published version with the content of the original.

From Letters to the Editor,Yorkshire Evening Post,Tuesday,22 July 2014:- 449 more words

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Don't give up on America's long-term unemployed just yet

Federal Reserve researchers argue that the central bank has been right not to give up on the ranks of America’s long-term unemployed.

The plight of the long-term jobless has been at the heart of… 482 more words

What do you do?

Such a simple question.  Such a complicated answer.  Especially when you are not working…full-time.

For an extended period of time—well over two years—I was long-term unemployed, not working and actively looking for work.   1,488 more words


How the long-term unemployed can bounce back

Dear Annie:  I hope you and your readers can offer some fresh perspective on this, because I’m all out of ideas. The problem is that my wife, who was doing well in her field until she lost her last job almost a year ago, is getting really down about her chances of finding another job. 833 more words


Yellen's Dashboard

How will we know when the economy is turning the corner towards real growth? Everyone has their own answer, but Fed Chair Janet Yellen told us last March what she has on  her “dashboard” 678 more words


Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment is devastating, slowly crushing the job seeker on many levels. The physical, psychological and financial tolls are steep and dramatic. While the number of US long-term jobless has dropped from nearly 4.5 million a year ago to just over 3 million today, the impact on those not working is still frightening… 18 more words