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A vegetarian in Thailand

Some of you may be wondering what culinary delights I’ve been feasting on whilst I’ve been in Thai company so here you go!

As a vegetarian (no meat and no fish, just to clarify) I was somewhat uncertain before I arrived as to what I would be eating throughout my stay in Thailand. 352 more words

Be Brave - You Only Live Once!

#yolo is by now very well known, at least among young hipsters like me. I hope you can tell that I am very much not a young hipster, mainly because I don’t know what a hipster is (although some of you may think I’m young). 614 more words


Growing Your Own Food

This is the first year my blackberry bush fruited! We bought it last year because it claimed to be “self-pollinating and insect and deer resistant”, which I guess translates to “GMO laden”. 526 more words


made in MyKitchen | 5 treasures tong sui

today’s recipe, 5 treasures tong sui, or dessert soup is a favorite of ours.. perfect for the hot weather we’re going through at the moment, it tastes best served chilled.. 623 more words

Made In MyKitchen

Vietnamese Chilled White Fungus with Jasmine Water, Longan & Lotus Seeds


10g white fungus

30g dried lotus seed

1 can longan in syrup

ΒΌ cup dried jasmine flowers

2 pieces pandan leaves

Sugar to taste… 111 more words