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Surfing the concrete waves of Surrey

Here at UKBoardLife we love everything that is board shaped that we can ride. Obviously we all have our favourites, whether it’s surfing the waves of the UK shores, hitting the snow of the UK snow domes, being pulled along the water by cable or boat, rolling across the tarmac below, catching some wind with a kite or sail, or even riding down a mountain getting muddy, there is a board to love for everyone. 400 more words

Other Board Sports


What if everyone disappeared off the streets, freeways and sidewalks so you could skate or longboard wherever you wanted? No cars. No people. No cops to ticket you or take your skateboard. 93 more words

Why I Picked this Sport

(This post includes words that I will strive not say out loud – even though they are incredibly descriptive without any real meaning. Until I find a great way to say this using forgotten, equally expressive English words, I use “bad-ass” and “lame” in order to convey. 263 more words

Sunny Happy Fun Day

On the last day of a retreat in July we had super small and perfectly clean conditions. There was no one else out and the sun was shining. 18 more words

Surf With Amigas

back on the bike.

I’ve said it before: Thursday evenings are my favoriteI don’t really take Fridays seriously, so I always feel good about getting up and getting to work. 347 more words

The Rest of the Longboard Adventures

…so far.

Day 4, BT and I showed Mom our boards, and everything, over at the park. She hadn’t seen BT’s, much less known that… 342 more words

Skate Brazil

Brazil has been the center of attention in recent weeks for the World Cup but now that it’s over we thought it would be a great time to point your attention to another sport that Brazil plays host to, skateboarding and longboarding. 117 more words