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West Vancouver officer cleared of wrongdoing in longboarding confrontation

VANCOUVER – A West Vancouver Police officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a videotaped interaction with some longboarders in early 2014.

Police requested an order of investigation from the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, which found the officer’s “conduct did not deviate materially from the objective standard of what a reasonable officer with similar training, knowledge, skills and experience would have done in the same circumstances.” 192 more words


Which Shape Is Your Longboard Riding Style?

Your riding style is determined by how you ride your longboard.
when you know your style you can start to pick a shape. Luckily there are many shapes for every style. 504 more words



With this Nor-Easter slamming NYC today and tomorrow, I think my skating will be sitting on the back burner for a bit. It all started a few weeks ago, when the park decided to cover my fave skate spot in Central Park with snow, for a winter event. 16 more words


Famous literary Felines

Since it snowed again where I live, I have once more resorted to writing on cats in books. One day I hope to be writing about cruising on my new longboard, but until that day comes and the dreaded snow is finally gone I guess I will just write about something to do with cats, books, or both. 347 more words


I love skateboarding and though I didn’t start till late teens, I loved it, apart from the falling over, which as you get older hurts a hell of a lot more. 424 more words

New Dad