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The World’s First Longboard Park - Kamloops, Canada

Way to go CANADA…Kamloops has installed the world’s first longboard specific skatepark with two runs for all these excited Canucks to slide around.  I could see this concept catching on as all you need is a bit of incline and some blacktop, probably cheaper overall than putting in a traditional concrete skatepark. 10 more words



Learning how to skateboard or longboard seems to be the new fad. Everyone wants to do it so they can zoom by and nearly run me over. 467 more words


To Izzy

when someone says “boarding’s only for boys”
my vagina decides to prove them wrong as i ride
away on my longboard with a long skirt around… 36 more words

Elsie LeeWaters

About Me

Before I write anymore posts, I should tell something’s about myself. I’ll simply say thing I do have anxiety. It doesn’t affect me as much as most people but it’s pretty bad… Which is why I am awkward haha. 194 more words

Awkward Posts

Longboarders Cruise in El Salvador

The El Salvador retreats are geared for advanced beginners and intermediate surfers. This week we had a good mix of shortboarders and longboarders. While the… 35 more words

Surf With Amigas